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Full Name: Juniper Echohawk
Maiden Last Name: Douglas
Date of Birth: October 31st
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Concert Violinist
Build: Willowy but Curvy
Height: 5'0"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Stormy Blue Hazel

Beauty and brains.

RP Hooks
  • Kinfolk ~ She happens to be of the Children of Gaia with Purebreed of 2
  • Kinain ~ She is of the Sidhe bloodline
  • Musician ~ She is a violinist and she may not be famous yet but she is working towards it and is making a decent income of it so far.
  • New to Town ~ She just arrived and is getting use to the area.
  • Gothic ~ She enjoys the dark and creepy things to an extent. Her clothing especially.
  • Helpful ~ She truly loves helping where she can, especially with her fellow Gaians.
  • Oddities ~ She loves creepy things. She in fact has a little collection of re-articulated skeletons and things in jars not to mention old school medical equipment.
  • Mommy To Be! ~ She recently found out that Gaia has blessed her and Che with twin boys. Perhaps you are a fellow pregnant kin and would like a gal pal to talk with over decaf coffee or tea?
The Ones She Holds Dearest
  • Che - I am glad that I was told to seek you out back home. I think I know why now and I am so glad we have the same ideals about love. And I am your mate forever and all eternity.
  • Ashleigh - I am glad to have made a new friend that is kin of another kind.
  • Journey - Thank you for giving me the list of safe and not safe places and telling me who I need to speak with to be able to give music lessions.
  • Andrew - It is fun to watch you spar with my mate, though i dunno if you will ever be able to win against him, especially since he is a Fostern.
  • Ken Noisewater - We say you are an accountant, perhaps you are though you don't seem to be a man of many words.
  • Sid - A fellow bacon lover is always a win. And you like things rare like my mate does.
  • Ajax - I haven't seen a Satyr in a long long time. Good to know you are in with the Garou like I am. And your wings are quite impressive.
  • Alecto - You kinda come off as predatory but you seem nice enough. And you also love bacon too!!!
  • Bella - Intriguing how much you and Kirk aren't big on PDA like Che and I are. And another fellow bacon lover is always a win!!! And congrats on the little one!!!
  • Kirk - Don't worry I don't get the sawdust comment either. But you are quite quiet
  • Billy - You are good friends with Che so I assume you are part of the 'family' And you are also a bacon fiend!!! And you can think I am gross. I am Che's and not yours so =P
  • Liz - I am not sure what to make of you yet. Though it is awesome you have your sight back now.
  • Furio - Friend of Che's and fellow Bacon Fiend!!!
  • Felix - Friend of Che's and fellow Bacon Fiend!!!
  • Jake - Friend of Che's and fellow Bacon Fiend!!!
  • George - Friend of Che's and fellow Bacon Fiend!!!
  • 'Halle - It is amazing that you could tell that I was pregnant with twins. I wonder how you did that exactly. I will ask one day but at the moment I have sooo much planning and decorating to do for my little princes to be.
  • Eloise - A wonderful woman who is my OBGYN. I know you will help me make sure I give my twins the best chance in the world.
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