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“Death is a great revealer of what is in a man, and in its solemn shadow appear the naked lineaments of the soul.”— E. H. CHAPIN

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Psychics Sorcerer.png My gifts are part of what make me who I am.
Sorcerers Sorcerer.png They're basically the same as me, just with different abilities.
Mortal Mortal.png Eyes wide shut.
Werewolves Werewolf.png I know they exist, but I have never known one personally. They're still family.
Kinfolk Kinfolk.png They are my family. I am one of them.
Mages Mage.png Do they really exist? I'm sure they must.
Vampires Vampire.png They must also exist.
The Dead Wraith.png I hear you.

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Klem Klem.jpg She seems nice enough. Fairly quiet though, except when excited.
Liam Liam.jpg He seems very nice. We have 'family' in common.
Brooklyn Brooklyn 01.jpg Girls should not be this cute. Really. It should be illegal.
Nessa Nessa2.jpg Apparently she's pretty dangerous to normal folk. I like her though.

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RP Hooks
Flirty There's nothing better than playful friendship. I adore flirting, boy, girl, doesn't matter. Blushes are a blessing and I love to see them come out.
Medium I see dead people.
Famous I was a world renown Mentalist until things started to change last year.

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Full Name Kami Sato
Aliases Kam
Apparent Age Early 20s
Occupation Medium
Demeanor Gallant
Height/Build Short/Slight
Played by Gackt

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Notable Traits
Appearance Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.png
Perception Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngEpdot.png


Channeling Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.png


Fame Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngEpdot.png
Resources Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngEpdot.png
Chole Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.png

Willpower Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.png

Merits: Kinfolk
Flaws: Echoes, Nightmares, Soft-Hearted

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