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Narusegawa Kaoru

"There's only one principle of war, and that's this. Hit the other fellow, as quick as you can, and as hard as you can, where it hurts him most, when he ain't lookin'!"
- Field Marshall William Slim


Appearance Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Dexterity Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.png
Charisma Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png

Awareness Fullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Alertness Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Acrobatics Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Intuition Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Primal Urge Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Intimidation Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Archery Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Melee Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.png
Stealth Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png

Consecrated Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.png
Symbiosis Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.png
Resources Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png

Willpower Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.png
Rage Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Banality Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Gnosis Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png

Moon Dance (L2 Kitsune)
Lambent Flame (L1 Silver Fang)
Luna's Armor (L2 Child of Gaia)
Blessing the Blade (L1 Doshi)
Imperial Authority (L2 Shinju)

7 Seconds of Love: Ninja

Johnny Cash: God's Gonna Cut You Down

Sim Gretina: Princess of the Night

Skindred: Nobody

Citizens of Prospect! We have graced your tiny village with our presence, so that you might behold the real princess of the night!
Envoy of the Beast Courts
Date of Birth: September 27 1994
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Silver
Ethnicity: Japanese
Demeanor: Show-Off
Nature: Guardian
Kinfolk: Kitsune
Kinain: Sidhe
Race: Kami
Spirit: Lune
Consecrated to: Luna

Servant of the Silver Lady

Kaoru is sworn to Luna; mind, body and soul. Yes, THE Luna, Celestine of the Moon. She gets her orders directly from Luna herself, though of course the Celestine does not need to manifest herself to communicate with Kaoru. In times of great need (read: PrPs of epic proportions), Luna might assist Kaoru personally, or more likely send help such as lunes or perhaps an Incarna avatar (because let's face it, a Celestine appearing *in person* is just plain overkill on a cosmic level). For more down-to-earth plots, she might be used as a plot device; a simple 'Luna told me to do it' to justify Kaoru's presence or assistance with a plot. After all, doing exactly whatever Luna tells her to do IS Kaoru's job...

Beast Courts of the Emerald Mother

Together with Akira, Kaoru has been tasked by Luna (and Amaterasu) to form a proper Beast Court in prospect. With the help of a handful of Hengeyokai, progress is well under way; an old and somewhat worse for wear Shinto shrine is in the process of being restored and expanded to serve as a base for the Prospect Court. Perhaps in time it will even become a proper Dragon Nest (ie, Caern). Additional Hengeyokai are always welcome to join; Sunset shifters that demonstrate the proper mindset and willingness to follow the Way of Emerald Virtue may also be accepted on a case by case basis.



Kaoru is Kinain; she is in fact the niece of the sidhe Duke of Goldengate (ie, San Francisco). While she is not in Prospect specifically to represent his interests, she is fairly well versed in matters of Kithain society, and is fairly likely to show up at local Freeholds from time to time. She barely has a shred of Banality to her, either; then again, she is both Kinain and half Lune...

Also human-shaped

She does get involved in mortal matters too! Helping street kids find worthwhile employment (by threatening to murder them otherwise), rehabilitating sex offenders (by actually murdering them), enjoying a bit of post-murder tea, you name it!


Hideyoshi Akira "One day you will be taken from me. The wheel must turn, that we may meet again in the Twelfth Age."
Kinjo Hiroto "Where did you go?"
Sleeps on Rocks "Unfailingly polite even under pressure. Such manners are rare, and should be treasured."
Count Leras "A man of few words. Perhaps it is because he prefers the sound of his wife's voice to his own?"
Countess Ionae "Autumn I knew, at least somewhat, and rather liked. The others I have yet to meet, but I look forward to it."
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Children of the Emerald Mother
shifters "Rule three: Presume not to instruct your cousin in his task."
corax "Where are you all? We need more of you."
mokole "The Dragons of Prospect have been unfailingly polite, one and all. A shame that the same cannot be said for the others."
Wyrm "What are you up to, I wonder? Where do you hide? As the sixth age dawns, should you not be everywhere?"
vamps "Pale reflections of what you could be."
nephandi "The one thing worse than a Namebreaker perverting the power of Heaven through ignorance: one who does so knowingly."
mage "You play with power stolen from Heaven, and you expect no reprisal? Folly."
fae "Hsien, Menehune, Nunnehi, Kithain... for all your differences, you are all much more alike than you would care to think."
demon "So... they're some bizarre mix of Hsien and Kuei-jin, only without the respect for Heaven? Aberrations."
Mortals "Loud, smelly, numerous and proud. A dangerous combination."
hunters "The Shih, I could tolerate, even respect. Not so much these western fools."
Hedgehogs "Clever enough to know where to look; wise enough to know when to stop."