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Information Snapshots

Katerina Vulchanova

Played by: Nina Dobrev
Age: 30
Height: 5'7"
Mate: Isolde "Velvet Glove" Krahenbuhl
Demeanor: Architect
Nature: Guardian
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Shadow Lords

Notable Stats

Charisma: ●●●
Appearance: ●●●
Intelligence: ●●●
Pure Breed: ●●●
Law: ●●●●
Persuasion: ●●●●
Spiritually Noticeable


Inspiration People


Hamilton, Wait For It
Hamilton, The Schuyler Sisters
Avril Lavinge, I'm With You

Alexander Hamilton : Hamilton, Non Stop
"Yo, who the eff is this?"

Isolde: Hamilton, Helpless
"Then you walked in the room and my heart went boom"

Isolde: Moulin Rouge, Come What May
"And there's no mountain too high, no river too wide..."

RP Hooks

Kinfolk: Katerina is a Shadow Lord kinfolk, newly arrived and looking to meet the local family.
Marital Notoriety: Katerina's wife and mate is not only a Silver Fang, but also a woman. Maybe you have a problem with that, maybe you don't. Just don't be a homophobe OOC and we'll be good.
Lawyer: Katerina is a Criminal Prosecutor in the midst of either setting up her own practice or joining a local Law Firm.
Pro Bono: The State of California legally requires Lawyers to perform a certain amount of hours per year on pro bono cases. Katerina tends to pick up her pro bono cases through women's shelters and LGBTQ centers, but can be approached about taking other cases as well.
Medium: Ever since a near fatal incident Katerina has been a Medium. She'll happily talk to wraiths who don't make a habit of harassing her.
Spiritually Noticeable: Here's the thing about making a habit of talking to wraiths...


Mortal.png It's nice to pretend sometimes...
Garou.png In The Nation there is no such thing as personal. Only Political.
Fera.png With my family so apparent in my features, they often don't like to talk to me.
Wraith.png They just want people to pay attention to them. But sometimes what I wouldn't give for some goddamn peace and quiet!
Mage.png I've never met one. But that much power in one person's hands should always be watched.
Changeling.png Anything the Fianna spend so much time braying about must have some basis in reality.
Vampire.png The world is always more complicated than simple black and white.
Demon.png I don't want to know
Mummy.png I don't want to know



Isolde Krahenbuhl: Everyone told us this was a bad idea, but here we are. I love you, endlessly.

RP Logs