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You ever had those moments where you go 'Well god damn, ain't that a kick in the tits?'. Well that kind of spells out most of my life. But the thing is, and a lot people miss out on this, the best middle-finger you can give to life is to get right back up, and ask for another. You don't let anything get you down, and you start seeing a lot of those boots getting a little tired of kicking you. Or better yet, you start seeing the asses attached to those boots forgetting about you, and the REAL fun comes when you can start kicking them back.

- Kato

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Sabbat Fuck off and go sunbathing. Seriously.

Independents Some of the best, so long as they remember how much the other teams suck.

Camarilla At least their laws mean I'm more then a piece of trash to be kicked around.

Spirals Well. This was pretty fucking unexpected, wasn't it?

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Why did you have to go and make things end up this way? Glad you are gone.


I am going to be the bestest fucking girl I can ever be, cause holy shit, I want my insides to stay in. Haven't seen you in years. Hope it stays that way.


Guess its kinda funny how different people can be, yet so same at the same time? At least this one didn't try to take my leg. I like her.


Got a real strong feeling this ones gonna be found inside of a dumpster with his throat tore out sometime soon.


Well. We play the same game! I like her.


Holy shit you blast from the past, you found me again!

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RP Hooks
Little redhead with Swagger
Kato has utmost confidence in herself, rarely backs down, and generally is a firestart that seems hard to tame.

Animal Magnetism

Kato has been a threat to many a relationship in the past, with her stunning looks and natural charms. Many guys find it hard to keep eyes off of her.,

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Age: 21

Visible Age: Late teens.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red


- Youthful appearance

- Addiction


- Animal Magnetism

- Iron Will

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