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Katriane Evangeline Barneau

The future is writ in blood.


Dramatis Personae

We were destined to meet.

  • Atreya Two halves of the same whole... But the parts don't seem to match.
  • Luther Religion draws good men like moths to the flame. Ultimately, to come too close is death.
  • Cross His wisdom stems from rejecting the wisdom of others.
  • Chance In sanity there are limits. In insanity, anything merely improbable becomes possible.

Random chance has its own sort of destiny.

More to come.

Date of Birth: October 23rd, 1992
Nationality: American
Occupation: Charity Manager
Tradition: Orphaned
Destiny: The Betrayed
Sign: The Star

The Cards Have Spoken...

This card is beneath you. It represents your past and the circumstances that have brought you to this point.

The Devil is the card of bondage.

It represents enslavement to an idea or situation which prevents you from growing stronger or becoming whole.

It also speaks of an obsession to fulfill oneself without thought to consequences and the inability to overcome your own mind.


This card crosses you. It represents you and the obstacles you have come to face. It is the card of your present circumstance.

The Lady of Vessels speaks to your intuition and the unconscious mind.

Take a moment to get in touch with your feelings about the situation at hand.

Your dreams may be filled with portents and your instincts may serve you better than your common sense. However, try not to forget your reason.


This card is in front of you. It represents the future, the way in which things will continue if you do not change your course.

The Two of Swords represents paralytic indecision.

You are faced with a seemingly impossible choice. You may be at a crossroads or unsure of which way to go.

On the face, the decision seems balanced with either choice leading to horrific consequences.

However, your indecision cannot last. The consequences of failing to choose are far worse than either choice.


This card is the end result, the final outcome of the situation you are in if you do not change your course.

The Tower is often thought to represent inescapable ruin, destruction, and tragedy.

It is the card of the end of relationships, stability, tearing away false security, and the destruction of what you have wrought.

This card can also represent swift and terrible change, but it always represents some sort of loss.

Remember, however, that every destruction is followed by a rebirth. This card does not represent the end of all things.