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Information Snapshots
RP Hooks

She's a native so if you've been in Prospect long maybe you ran into each other. While she is from a family that did not have a lot of money she usually hung out with a crowd That was higher up on the social ladder.

Very popular in high school. She was in a lot of theater and dance productions. So ... same as above.

Waited tables at a bunch of diners and dives. Do you feel guilty about stiffing her?

The beach! Love it! If you do too you may have run into each other.

University. She is a very part time student but maybe you ran into each other there. Since her odd jobs don’t bring in much she saves by using the library internet so she Is in there a lot.

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Contacts Quotes

Archer - A good football player. I assume. A good tipper, which is the important part.

Brian - ... wow.


RP Logs

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