Kayla Tierney

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Kayla Tierney


Kayla was raised in the city, and with privilege. Her time in school was fairly normal, and she went to college like she was expected to. What wasn't expected was that when she got out, she would end up starting her own business. Much less a business making premium, homemade ales, ciders, beers and other such beverages. It was even more of a surprise to most when the business did well. In just a few years she was supplying her beverages to several clubs and stores in the local area.

Basic Stats

Birthdate: July 17, 1985
Profession: Brewer
Demeanor: Architect


  • Alchemy: She's an alchemist. A good one.
  • Alcohol: She makes it, sells it, drinks it. It can be found in several bars/stores in the city. Kelpie Ale/Cider/Beer.
  • Dancing: She's frequently seen dancing, and seems to love it, even if she's not terrific at it.
  • Driving: If you value your life, don't let her behind the wheel. Ever.
  • Fame: She's got a minor bit of fame for the alcohol she sells to bars/stores.
  • Spiders: She is terrified of spiders.
  • Supernatural: Though she's human, she's fascinated by all forms of supernatural. Sorcerer curiosity?



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