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Kaylah has grown up overseas not knowing who she really was. Child in a divorced family Kaylah lived with her mother in Egypt. Victim to abuse from both her mother and whoever her mother decided to be sleeping with at the time Kay has some reservations with trusting people but once you've gained her trust as a friend she'd stand at your side even for murder. At the age of 18 Kaylah left her mother's home, ran away to New Mexico, to her father's, a strong shifter. On her 19th birthday, after she'd been with her father for a year, he revealed to her she was a kin, the things of nightmares are real and vowed to teach her of her life as a kin. She was shocked to find out what she was and even more so surprised when she saw what her father was. With a lot to learn in such a short time her father decided it would be best for her to be around more of her kind. Doing a great deal of business in California he has set Kay up to live nicely here in town where she can learn.


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Changeling What are they changing into?
Demon The little red guys with pointy tails and horns?
Mage huh?
Mortal Hey! Now I can relate to that.
Werewolf I hear they are my family.
Wraith What's that now?
Vampire Is that a candybar?

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Addison- You showed me how to be a wolf! Best night of my life!

Caim- Oh sweet Angel, where have you gone?

Chance - You know how to turn my frown upside down!

Chase -Where'd you go? Not seen you in a while.

Cherazart- You called me sister, you are the first person to ever say they love me. You are my family.

Chuck - And so my journey with the Doctor ends. I could not continue to hold on to a dream that refused to begin. Always, in my heart you will be my first, true love. You were my greatest joy and my greatest tragedy.

Clara- New neighbor. I interrupted her and her man's intimate time. Awkward.

Devlin - So long stranger.

Laim- You introduced me to icecream! I hope we can be friends.

Wyatt- Thanks for that invitation but that's not really something I want to see right now.

Cig-New Boss, my gosh you're handsome but also so sweet. I can't wait to work with you more. Thanks for this chance.

Malcolm- Life is a mystery and you are one of them.

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Full Name Kaylah Mubarak
Apparent Age Late Teens
Occupation Employee- Images and Dreams
Occupation Employee-Fellowship of the Paws
Demeanor Artist
Height/Build 5ft even, skinny, seems a bit frail


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Notable Stats
Kaylah/Notable Stats

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Bring me to Life-Evanescence

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RP Hooks
  • Artist: She's up and coming with her skills in drawing and painting but she also likes sculpting and pottery even some leather working!
  • Kinfolk: She's a Silent Strider kin!
  • Egyptian: She's an Egyptian but has Rom blood in her as well!

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