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Kerigan, or Keri as everyone calls her is a young Get of Fenris kinfolk full of life. Her family back home, is quite traditional in many ways and yet have an isolated view in others. Having strained and pushed back against the way of life for a while now she has finally broke off to find a life of her own at the begrudged approval of her father.

Fun, loving and seeking excitement, she has made her way to Prospect. An avid fan of photography and enjoying nature, she'll often be found with a camera at her side and driving her jeep through the roads that are being grown over to explore and enjoy nature.

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Wyrm.png The Bad guys

Werewolf.png Family. Loving, Protecting, Fierce
Mage.png Magic and mystery is part of their history
Wraith.png Like Poltergeist?
Changeling.png I've heard stories of faerie monsters that kidnap young girls...

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Race: Kinfolk
Full Name: Kerigan Jean Ackermann
Occupation: Photographer/Instagram model
Tribe: Get of Fenris Height: 5'5"


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RP Hooks
Photorgaphy: She's a photographer - or at least trying to be. She really has a good eye for the art.

Kinfolk: She is the child of a Get of Fenris father and Child of Gaia kinfolk mother

Fame 1: She's an instragram model with a growing following

Jeep Wrangler: She loves driving her jeep out in the woods, through unknown and unkept forested areas. Just get out into nature and love it!

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