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Et Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est.

Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely.

Doctor Khaldun Imowapep of The Black Sand, a Chapter belonging to the reanimated cabal whom hail from the West Nile. The Deadlands. Men who practice embalming, and enrich the body with The Rite of Second-Breath, so The Risen might owe them a Boon. Given his own sort of Second-Chance by The Dread-God Itself: OWL. The Doctor fixes men of The Family for money, for favors. He fixes men of The Street for favors, and darker things. If such a thing as 'Dark Essence' was possible, this man, collects it. Snakes? He removes the heads and draws sigils with venom. He drinks their blood. Scatters their bones for Signs. A few men have attacked him before, thinking that The Stories were just that - fucking stories from The Old Guys, 'till Will came back missing an eye, squeeling like a pig as he held the bloody spot where his balls used to be. The Family gives him a wide step, not just because of The Stories - but he's a good doctor. No one knows why he hasn't just walked into a hospital and demanded a six-digit salary. But he hasn't, and if action be proof - the man is around to stay. They say he has a wife who's beauty, would have you on your knees to fuck Her - but he's crazy about Her. I mean, crazy. Have you ever seen that little goblin-fuck with that dorky little ring, 'My Preeeecioussssss.' Just like that, only he spoils Her - and if The Old Guys are right? She is just as wrong in the head, just as fucking polluted as he is...but just as loyal, and just as good to do business with - maybe better. Two things you need to know about this guy:

He'll stitch you up without asking questions, but fuck him - and he'll turn your life to shit around you.

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Bastet "Beautiful predators, She is the epitome of Woman. But even You, may want to not hear Our secrets."
Garou "Prideful Warrior insults Old Wizard, Old Wizard turns Prideful Warrior into a frog - and eats him. Moral of The Story: Grand Warriors should not anger The Doctor."
Changelings "I'm not what you think I am, not what you hope. Your very presence makes me Hungry, so...Hungry..."
Vampires "I enjoy Chess."
Wraith "I search for The Book of Life, help me - and I shall help you, to Du'at."
The Fallen "Welcome to Earth, where Mortal Men not only know how to Tame Gods - but destroy Them, too."

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Elizabeth Grey Shu'et. Mine. Undying
Dyson Endless Struggle A good husband, a good leader. I see him now, in a different light. But still...The Dark is like a Sea, and there is only so much Light.
Alala I know you not as well as I should, and that is sad. The Cycle that guides you? Is entertaining.
Dark To speak without words! To know, what I now know! You, will be a grand conversation for centuries to come.

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RP Hooks
The Rebirth of Ka Better named, Occult, from all cultures and sources.

Power, is Knowledge:

The pages...

The Court of Owls

Are you a Sorcerer? A Transhuman? ...Do you want to be? Which face of Owl do you want; The Goddess of Wisdom? Or The Dread-God, and bringer of Bad Omens?


No man wants to die, will YOU join the struggle for true Immortality?


Kin of The Kyphur, and able to take It's TRUE shape!


No, not The Land of The Dead. The Land of Gangsters, and addicts. Silenced gunshots, and bribes. The Land of The Doctor who will fix your wounds - for a price.


You're starving? You have no idea what that word means, have not tasted its madness.

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Date of Birth: Uknown, even to him. South Africa.
Occupation: Doctor, amongst other things.
Notes: * Underworld Ties: Khaldun is tied to The Families, tightly.

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