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Journey "Quartermaster."
Jake "Oddly cheerful, but so was Journey even before he got married."
Billy Bojangles "Steady on his feet. Must be immune to shell shock."
Bella "Here to help. The Nation will persevere."
Kyra "Exposed herself to danger. Probably not a fool, just unaccustomed."
Gavin "I thought you were supposed to know that."
Carlos "Sarcastic."
Akecheta, Buck, Chambers "Brothers in arms."
Monica "And sister. Invaluable experience."
Akimi "Scout."
Chehalis "Towering."
George "Not immune to shell shock. Glass Walkers are advised to seek a different advisor."
Kevin "Sniper. Don't bother him during dinner."
Vesta "European banker."
Blaze "Single-minded. Is there a spirit whispering in his ear?"
Asher "Chief cook and bottle washer."
Typhanie "Mother and gardener."
Lill, Furio "Verbal."
Lucie "Inheritance is a strange beast."
Quinn "Dedicated to the war."
Lydia "First time I've heard those two things together. Not that I'd know."
Dex "A credit to his tribe."

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Nikiya, Ryan "More fellow soldiers."
Lily "Massive."
Jada "Backup scout."
Clay "Deaf."