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~ Brandy ~
  • Saburo ~ Chateau de Montifaud - Complex and powerful character with no aggressive notes of wood or tobacco present, rarely found in a cognac of this age. Easy to get drunk off of, surprisingly forgiving with hangovers.

~ Cocktails ~

  • Daniel ~ Hand Poured Margarita - A refreshing drink, however shake with ice rather than toss it all in the blender, otherwise you will loose out on flavor by dulling the tongue, serve with salt and forget the night.

~ Fruit Wines ~

  • Emma ~ Neige Apple Ice Wine - From apples harvested in the fall, left to the mercy of temperature variations, violent winds, and bitter cold, this amazing treat will warm you up and sneak up on you.

~ Macro Brew~

  • Journey ~ Keystone Ice - Often a most prevalent choice in quantity over quality, this beer like flavor is known to leave a metallic taste in your mouth. Not to say it is completely wretched, but surely such experiences come with the testing of ones endurance of having an iron stomach.

~ Whiskey ~

  • Monica ~ Johnnie Walker Blue Label - Subtle notes of smoke, spice and honey, with an unexpectedly strong entry, followed by a perfectly-integrated slow fade, that leaves you wanting more and more.

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RP Hooks
A bit of a Lush - Whether beer, wine or spirits. Kisa is very fond of alcohol. So far her favorite drink is: Lavender Milk Tears with Humming Bird Spiders; found within the dreaming. - Check out my gifts page for more details -

Out of Control Gift - Sometimes Gaia gives gifts to her favored children. Sometimes gifts play tricks on their owners if used enough. Kisa has one of these gifts. Sorry for being so foxy. - Check out my gifts page for more details -

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To learn the fowl arts
The taint of being a Doshi
Death of Parents
Gives new life to Me
The world is a dangerous place
A wild fox appears from tall grass!

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~The Laws of Heaven~

*I Command You to Destroy That Which Harms Gaia

*I Command You to Aid Your Brothers, Your Sisters, And That Which Serves Gaia

*I Command You to Revere Your Mother, Myself, Your Aunts, Your Uncles, And Our Favored Servants

*I Command You to Keep Your Duty First in Your Heart, And to Listen For My Teachings

*I Forbid You to Exterminate the Humans

*I Forbid You to Make War on Your Brothers and Sisters

*I Forbid You to Break Your Word

*I Forbid You to Commit Suicide For Reasons of Honor

*I Free You to do Anything Else Necessary to Achieve Our Goals

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Kisa Volkov
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Notable Stats
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Kisa's Gifts

Merits ~
Spirit Sight
Dual Perception
Immune to Wyrm Emanations
Flaws ~
Bizarre Taste

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