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Kitten, nee Katherine Murphy, has lived in the area all her life. She was raised in a kinfolk family and it came as no surprise when she turned out to be kin as well. She’s a glass blower at one of the studios down at the docks. Sad part is that she’s actually pretty bad at it, despite the countless hours she’s put in to hone her skill.


RP Hooks


* - Prospect Native – She’s lived here all her life. Did you go to school here? Work as an artist, a collector, or a critic? Hang out on the boardwalk, frequent coffee shops, or see the sights? Maybe she’s run into you in the past?


* - Artist – Kitten works with glass. She does custom stained glass pieces, but her passion is blown glass animals. Too bad she’s horrible at it. Maybe someone needs to set her straight?p> <p class=MsoNormal style='margin-bottom:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height: normal'> 

* - Cook –Need someone to cater an event? Although it’s not a business for her, Kitten is a great chef. From appetizers to desserts, she has a knack for them all.


* - Caffeine addict –Yes, she’s addicted. No, she can’t just stop anytime she wants. Well .. maybe, but she doesn’t want to. No harm in coffee, is there? And maybe she’ll run into a new face as she tests out the local shoppes.

* - Bookworm –Kitten loves to read. It doesn't matter if it's fact or fiction -- Kitten will read it all. She loves to hang out at places filled with books such as libraries and she could spend hours at the bookstore.






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