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"All the speed he took, all the turns he'd taken and the corners he'd cut in Night City, and still he'd see the matrix in his sleep, bright lattices of logic unfolding across that colorless void...”

Date of Birth: November 9th, 19--
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Occupation: IT
Nationality: American
Demeanor: Rebel

Born Local: "Kiz was born right here in Prospect, and lived here until she was thirteen. Her father was a cop, and her mother worked as a waitress at Wafflemania. However, at thirteen Kiz hacked several major banks, both within California and in other states, moving around money from corporate accounts to several Charity accounts. She also altered the main webpages of several major local corporations. She got in huge trouble and ended up juvenile hall, though the prosecutor attempted to have her tried as an adult due to the 'heinous' nature of her crimes. She served minimal time due to her father pulling strings, but he lost his job in the process. They then moved."

New York: "Kiz was i Juvie for two horrible years before her father managed to get her out. They moved to New York, where her dad became a bartender. Her mom ended up leaving them, and while her dad still loved her, she knew that part of him blamed her for it. She attended school and graduated at sixteen. She would have graduated earlier, but Juvie got in the way."

School: "Her juvenile records ended up sealed, so with her intelligence and incredible computer acumen she was accepted into class at CalTech. She wasn't a very good student, though. She was a rebel at heart, and caused quite a few problems. She ended up being expelled at seventeen after outing one of the biggest student tech programs as a military research endeavor. Instead of going home, though, she moved to San Francisco."

Trouble: "She settled into San Francisco and began targeting major corporations who she felt were doing the world dirty. One was Magadon Pharmaceuticals. After leaking a few of their more sordid projects to wikileaks...the company paid her a visit. Well, to be fair, one of their First Teams paid her a visit. She ended up with her head caved in and a good dozen bullets in her small body."

Savior: "As luck would have it, she was killed only moments before a local Virtual Adept (And an Elite, at that) came knocking on her door for recruitment. You see, she'd Awoken months before and had no idea of what was going on, and he was there to bring her into the fold. He 'Hacked' the Team to pieces, before escaping with her body, which was just barely clinging to life. Using extensive Cyberware he rebuilt her broken brain and body, adding a few enhancements along the way. She spent a few years under his tutelage, before setting out on her own."

home Again: "Sh ended up back in Prospect, settling into a house with her dad. He'd moved back to Prospect eventually, managing to get a job as a PI, and a consultant for his old buddies in the Precinct. She helped him with his jobs, while also beginning to look into the local scene."

Songs To Hack By

Play It Again

Other Fuckers, both Elite, and Not

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