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Clay narrows her eyes at Klaus. "What's yuh schtick? How come yuh act all bugfuck cuhwazy?"

--"Why? Why do animals fuck in the Spring? It's just what they do, baby. I don't have a motive."

"Not enough shrinks to contain all the madness... you know, that's ALL they wanna do is contain. What they don't understand is they can't contain it. It's.. Uncontainable. Incurable virus. And it's Gonna Get You Too. Hahahaha!"

"See... you play the hostile game to strangers... when I play the grand game of LOVE! Everyone in this little place... thinking they know what's up! Thinking they are SANE, that I'm... beneATH THEM!" He growls that last, his tone suddenly changing. "That they're entitled to their.. prescious little opinions...... but... the truth is... This.... Is what owns you." He lifts the Orange Mocha Frappuchino. "You're not your dreads. Not your Artsy Fartsy style. Not your furniture. Not the shit you drink. You are... on the brink of knowledge, but all you need... is a little PUSh!"

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Jews are... greedy?

Asians are Smart

Whites can't dance

Hrm.... Wait are these supposed to be MY stereotypes!? HE HE hE AHA.

The whole world is NUTS and it doesn't even know it!

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DoCtOr Fell - How... UnFoRtunate, sTiLl tryIng to HelP Me.

Erzsebet - WhY HeLLO BeaUuTiFul!

Kirby - "SO, we gonna have a blood orgy or what?" /////OHHHH YOU LITTLE..... Heheheheh.

Fenton - "SO, we gonna have a blood orgy or what?" ////This is mine now. <licks it>

Clay - "I'm... Not.. crazy." He says quietly, looking up at her. "I am Perfectly ... Insane."

Harano - That was FUN FUN FUN, you lunatic bastard, Lemme pet ya!!!

Hailee - Pleased to meetcha! I'm sure we'll run into each other again.... Under an abandoned Bridge, where No one will come Looking. A boy's gotta have his privacy!!!

Abe - Finally, a blood orgy!

Vervane - CaN't I MaKe Him SmIle? This is ThEAtre!!!!!

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Sound Track
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RP Hooks
  • Asylum - Insane? Going there? On the brink? All you need... is a little push!
  • Macabre - Well.. Erm. COME ON now, it's ME!
  • Chaos - Gets along Well with the Wyrmsy Wormsy
  • Friend - Friendship with Klaus is pretty damn Bipolar. Be ready for Ups and Downs and Lefts and Rights and did he just...?
  • Psychiatrists - Does he know ya!?
  • Dolls - A guy's gotta eat!
  • Villain - Any Time Baby!

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Played By: Heath Ledger