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Kinfolk Kinfolk We're not all created equal.
BSDs BSD Finally, someone hated more than me.
Gaians Gaian Interesting, tell me more?
Werewolf Werewolf We have the best Thanksgivings..
Vampire Vampire No snacking.. Nope.
Mage Mage You think quite highly of yourselves.
Changeling Changeling Really? Like a Fairy?
Wraith Wraith A conflicted and confused group.
Demon Demon Interesting path you've taken..
Mortal Mortal Usually pretty boring.

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Ayden - Hero or stalker? I'm not sure you aren't both.

Yuri - My brother, my keeper?

Nascha - Great taste in men and houses.

George - Hard to find, harder to corner.

Fergus - You're adorable.

Svetlana - I don't trust your motives.

Andi - Sensible, smart, dangerous.

Vince - An academic soulmate!

Kevin - Powerful sentiments, any follow through?

Akecheta - My keeper, my brother?

Travis - Front row and special brownie bribe, check!

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Name: Koko-hua-kimi "Kimmi" Makarov
Tribe: Uktena
Pack: Flames of Gaia - Tangentially
Position: Kinfolk
Employment: None
Education: Undergrad - UC Prospect
Known Skills: Research in Occult and Sociology

Height: 4'8"
Weight: 87 pounds.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
RP Hooks

Kimmi is interested in the occult.

You're a student? Me too!

I love things that move fast. Cars, bikes, men..

Uncertainty keeps life interesting.

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