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I was a Malkavian ghoul, belonging to Dr. Carrigan. But that is over. Done.

JD took me in at my lowest. I am now forever in his debt. And so now, I belong to him.

Victoria? What child? I had no child. There is no child. There is no child in existence. Stop asking me.

Originally from NY- have the accent that I just can't shake.

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JD ^- I am his ghoul. He took me and lifted me from the depths of my hell and brought me home. He didn't judge me for the monster I had become.

Dr. Carrigan + ^ - My ex domitor, my dead husband. He saved me and he took care of me- protected me, kept me safe. The world may have hated him, but they didn't know him like I did. Perhaps I am the only one that cried for his loss, but he allowed no one else to see the... human side of him.

Adele Sweetheart - A Malkie who was with me when the bond snapped. I don't remember much of the time afterward, but I woke up in a safe place and for that I am thankful.

Silvana - The ex-Prince's lapdog.

Jax - The ex-Prince. Little thing. Looks like a pug-dog in a suit. Adorable.

Vegard - Seems okay to me. One of the few vampies I trusted. Prince now. Let's see how this plays out.

Brice - A rather handsome man. Nice to me.

Desmond - He's in trooooouble.

Alexia Collins - Des' blowup doll WHORE. Also, puppy dog who sits on the floor and likes to mime things.

Pilar - Jose Ole.

Zuri - Black chick that hung by the Jax's feet when he wore the Prince-hat.

LittleA - -Dead- Brash. Wants to blow up shit, all the time. Needs to take a chill pill.

Shane - *laughs* He was Prince. I bit my tongue when he disrespected the Doctor. I don't think I will even be on his radar.

Jolene- Was a ghoul, but she was ... upgraded to Vampire 1.0 -She is cool people and seems to not forget that we were friends when she was just a ghoulie like me. It's nice to have someone to talk to.

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Played By: Rosario Dawson

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Names: Korilynn Madeline Carrigan

Widow: Married to Dr. Carrigan October 18, 2015 until his untimely death on September 5, 2016.

Other Names: Kori Reyes (fake name) aka Korilynn Madeline Everett (maiden name)

DOB: 2/22/1996 (20 years old)

Appearance: 3

Notable Merits: Pitiable, Double Jointed

Clan: Gangrel

Domitor: JD

Job: Desk jockey at a clinic (part-time). Helps at CARES. School part time- dual major- Psychology and Vet Medicine.

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RP Hooks
Need someone to take notes for you at Court when you can't be there? Forget the Keeper's notes. I take notes like a boss! A BOSS!


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