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Kusunoki Hosokawa

"Life is not so important when forced to choose between life and integrity."

- Yamamoto Tsunetomo, The Hagakure.

"To kill is not so difficult, especially when the steel is strong, the edge sharp, the hands firm, the arms swift, and the mind empty, but resolute."


Name: Kusunoki Hosokawa
Date of Birth: June 1, 1971
Age: 45
Occupation: Blue Collar Worker
Nationality: Japanese
Race: Mage
Nature: Autist

Silent Samurai "Unknown to most, but to the few he has revealed himself to, or seen him in Chinatown while practicing, Kusunoki is known as a practitioner of Bushido, the way of the samurai. However, he is often quiet on the subject, or quiet altogether."

Akashic Brotherhood "Members of the Brotherhood, including students, may recognize Kusunoki as a member of the Tenshi Arashi Ryu, the Japanese sect of the Vajrapani, the warriors and protectors of the Brotherhood and Buddhism."

Chinatown "Kusunoki spends most of his time in Chinatown among the common people. Shen may recognize him as a Lightning Person, but he has not involved himself directly in their courts or politics."


The Others

VampireKindred "Western Shen are so strange. Why control the night if you cannot revel in it? Illusions stand between Ascension and humanity, but at least they do not feast on delusions.""

Kuei-jinKuei-jin "We are more alike than you realize. We both seek Dharma. Should our paths meet, I hope it is as allies - the Second Breath may have given you life anew, but I will not hesitate to encourage the Wheel to remind your body that it should be dust.""

WerewolfGarou "Your cause is wise, but you are not. Your enemy has defeated you with both arms clasped behind his back, blindfolded and gagged. Regardless, I will aid you, if you allow it."

GaianGaians "A worthy cause, but not one, sadly, that I am invited to join in."

GaianHengeyokai "I do not understand your many rituals or courts, and you likely think me a heretic, but we need not be at odds. Together, we can work against Centipede and turn the tide of karma."

WyrmWyrm "Necessity that has been warped by the reactions of fools and humanity. Unbind it, and the world will end. Leave it bound, and the world will end. The Sixth Age is inevitable; the Wheel must turn. I only hope I will cut through the illusion of Samsara before it begins."

WraithWraiths "In the East, Ancestors are honored. Here, they are mocked and rise. It is no mystery why. I will help you find balance, if you ask for my aid."

MortalMortals "Lazy. Foolish. You have rejected what we have shown you time and time again. Eat you friend food and watch your televisions - you will be left behind, having squandered All, and will die in the maw of karma."

ChangelingChangeling "Dreams are an illusion. Cut past them to truth."

DemonDemon "Servants of Yomi are no friends of mine. Allies... possibly, but I have no interest in your words."

MageMage "Do not settle for distractions. Acension is all that matters."

MageTraditions "The ashy remnants of what was once the hope of mankind. Let us hope new life can be found amid the coals."

MageTechnocracy "You cling to the offspring of invention as though it were your lifeblood, but all you will find is illusions. The path forward is not through technology and science - it is through yourself."

MageOrphans "I have no use for you. Discipline your body, and then I may show you how to discipline the mind."

My Friends

No One "Placeholder."

The Fallen

Andrea "Placeholder."



The Words Of Others

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