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“My friend is going to save a little girl from monsters. I am going with him. That's what friends do.”

“If you make some comment even obliquely alluding to menstruation or menopause and its effect on my judgment, I will break your arm in eleven places.”

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Mortals: We...they...needed protection before I knew about all this magick stuff. They need it even more now that I know

Sorcerer/Psychic: I thought I was a bit of a freak, or infected, or what-the-hell-ever. I had no idea there were other people out there like me.

Mages: No surprise that there's others like me that can do more. They must have been doing it a lot longer than me. Hell, maybe they even had the benefit of proper instruction in this stuff. Must be nice.

Baddies: Just because I'm not a cop any more doesn't mean I don't still consider this town under my protection. I just don't have to worry about some idiot at a desk who'd rather keep his head down rather than admit to what's really going on.

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Stephanie That's one hell of a way to welcome someone to the neighbourhood ;) You've opened my eyes to a lot of things and caused me to rethink some things I thought I'd already settled. Life with you will never be classified as boring.

Maz You always seem to use ten words when one would suffice, but every time my inner desire to beat you senseless with a stack of red tape rears its head, you do, or say something - or just be you - and that desire fades :) You're fun to be around and you scare the crap out of me.

Penny By rights, I should be either dragging your ass down to the local police precinct or putting a serious beating on your ass, but then you get all... *sigh* It seems Stephanie has decided that bringing complex, multi-dimensional women into my circle (or me into theirs, more like) is going to be a thing :)

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RP Hooks
Ex-Homicide detective/Private Investigator: Kylara is a former Homicide detective with the Prospect PD and has since moved on to Private Investigating after leaving the force. She still has a few contacts in the police department, and she's always looking for work as a PI.

Crafting: Ky makes small pieces of jewellry, mostly for herself and her close friends. She likes what she makes, but would be mortified at the suggestion she should start selling any. She just can't bear to inflict what she considers Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time product on the general public

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Kylara Murphy

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Race: Mortal+ (Sorcerer)

Full Name: Kylara Murphy

Height: 5'2"

DOB: 7th July, 1986

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Occupation: Private Investigator

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Murphy sight.jpg

Kylara's self-image, unknown even to her until quite recently. She doesn't quite believe this wasn't some sort of hallucination brought on by the ritual she was an observer in.

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Played By: Valerie Cruz