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Lacey Petros

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The Breeds

The Bete have no place within our Caern or Sept. If you want to have peaceful negotiations or even friendships then take it to a safe place outside of the bawn. They do not follow our laws or rules and do not have the same respect for the places of power that we fight so hard to protect. Keep them at a distance and never trust them.

Ajaba - I have only heard a scant few tales involving the Ajaba. Most speak of them as wicked creatures, though they are certainly all dead at this point. Good riddance.

Ananasi - Do these even exist? There are folk tales that make it sound like they did...

Bastet - Gatherer of secrets like the Corax, but they are not truly worth dealing with.

Corax - While I haven't seen them often they are useful allies and their words should be respected.

Gurahl - Of all the bete that perished these are the ones who seemed the most wise and should have been left alone.

Mokole - The legends always speak of the great lizards as beasts and villains. Is that what they really are if any still live?

Nuwisha - Pranks and jokes only go so far. As a no moon I can understand this from a point, but be careful who you prank or it may only teach the joker a lesson.

Ratkin - Spreaders of disease. Disease leads to misery and suffering. There is no need to deal with these creatures.

Rokea - Are these real or just a nightmare summoned by the minds of men?

Other Supernaturals

Vampires - Kill them all. No questions. If you find one, tell your brothers and sisters then ferret it out during the day and watch it burn.

Mages - Some of our kin are Mages. They should all be watched carefully, relatives or not. Most are drunk with their own power and would not hesitate to destroy holy places to suit their own needs.

Ghosts - If the stories are true and the dead don't always die completely then perhaps we need to find a way to make sure they find the peace they deserve.

Changelings - Trust the men of this type even less than those of mortals.

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RP Hooks
Greece - Lacey has recently come from Greece. Are you from there, too?

Garou - Lacey is one! This makes for an easy hook and she has some strong opinions on things as well.

Black Fury - This is even more important to her and would make for almost instant friends.

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Full Name: Lacey Petros
Date of Birth: 03/16/1991
Heritage: Greek
Occupation: Security Consultant
Race: Garou
Tribe: Black Fury
Auspice: Ragabash
Rite Name: Shadow Runner

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Notable Stats
- There is an otherworldly grace about the woman. She seems light on her feet and graceful beyond compare.

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