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It is not grandmother's fault when she develops symptoms of dementia. She may be frightened or angry or confused. She might neglect her duties to her family or try to harm them, because she does not know what she is doing. But she is not evil or bad. She is only ill. A good grandchild does not fight her or hate her or fear her. When grandmother cannot be cured, a good grandchild picks up her work and carries it on, even if grandmother does not remember it. A good grandchild cleans up after grandmother. A good grandchild does what her mother tells her must be done.

I know what I must do, now that grandmother is not well. The thing that I must do is to make a record of every type coin there is, because grandmother loved coins. I am a good child.

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Full Name: I think I am called Lady.
Alignment: I follow the ways of the Weaver
Aspect: I am a Gadarin. I collect coins.
Ethnicity: I am told I look Russian but I do not know what that means.
Occupation: I do not know. I believe I have enough imaginary money.
Breed: I am an arachnid. I am a trapdoor spider, most of the time.

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Notable Stats
Perception: Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.png (If I don't pay attention I'm no use to anybody)

Manipulation: Fgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png (I have forgotten lots of things needed to pretend to be human)

Computer: Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png (It's like Mother's web, but made by humans)

Poisons: Fgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngFgrdot.pngEgrdot.pngEgrdot.png (It's fascinating how things can be broken up by the right chemicals)

Amnesia: (I have suffered a brain injury. The doctors say I must re-learn many things)

Obsession: (Do you have any coins? Show them to me. I want that one.)

Organized: (I don't understand what you mean? Making things ordered is rewarding. Why would I be bored?)

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coming soon as well

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