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You know Lewis Haggherty, you just don't remember it. You know his music, his albums, you know his face. He blew up on Youtube as an indie sensation before rising to nationwide fame. He toured extensively. He was the next big thing. He was rich, famous, he had everything.

Then, he Woke.
Now, nobody knows Lewis. Nobody remembers him. He could list his hits and you'd know the songs, could hum the lyrics, but you wouldn't remember he wrote or performed them. You wouldn't remember who had, might ascribe those songs to another artist.
This drives him fucking crazy.

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Charisma Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Wits Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.png

Awareness Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.png
Performance Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.png
Academics Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.png

Arcane Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png

Bard's Tongue
Short Fuse

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RP Hooks
  • Mage: Lewis is one! A member of the Celestial Chorus.
  • Music: Lewis is a music producer and loves music.
  • Echoes: Lewis has a certain...quirk of magic that pops up. If you're sensitive to such things, you might link the two.
  • Bard's Tongue: Need something inconvenient said?
  • Arcane: With an Arcane of 5, Lewis tends to overhear or see things. Want something noticed by someone you didn't notice? Lewis is good at that.

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