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RP Hooks
  • Liesl is currently attending a Master's program at UCP.


  • Liesl currently works at Glitter as assistant manager. She also dances, and occasionally steps in as a waitress.

Parties and Clubbing

  • Liesl has cut back quite a bit on the partying and clubbing - she was engaged, but is now grieving; her work is really the most excitement she needs on this front right now, though the occasional visit to a club has been known to happen.


  • She's fairly recently Awakened, and learning fast. Wow, what a rush!


  • She knows a bunch. Like ... all of them.


  • Liesl can often be seen with a large black snake draped around her neck and over her shoulders.

Wedding Plans

  • Engaged does mean a wedding ... and Liesl has been looking at dresses, and cakes, and dresses, and flowers, and dresses, and ...

And when he dies, the plans stop.

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Artegal - I've always liked older men.

Basilisk - A new friend, met under trying circumstances. Morningstar really likes her.

Cig - The absentee boss, at Glitter.

Eugene - A new friend, with some unique qualities.

Gar - The best dance partner I should never dance with.

Silvana - A new friend, met under trying circumstances. Looking forward to that spa visit.

Skye - An ongoing project. Such an enigma.

Stefhan - A good friend. Always making sure I am all right.

vanE - So much in common, and so much not. The Fates have thrown us together.


Misa - The wild and crazy girl. My friend.

Lissie - The PR lady at Glitter.

Spook - A very good customer at the club.

Maz - A part time dancer at Glitter.

Zach - A team mate for a new team for an old problem.

Fabian - He lost someone when I lost my someone. Nothing like throwing yourself into your work.

Alisandra - An associate - we have different disciplines, but it's still science rather than fine arts.

Michal - Pastor at a church I don't go to. We have some interesting discussions.

Pia - New dancer at Glitter.

Donahue - New bartender at Glitter.

Babajide - Another new dancer at Glitter - For Ladies' Night!

Mira - A new girl at Glitter - too bad she's afraid of Morningstar.

John - A voice from the past? But which one?

Matt - Tinyheart.pngRip.png The boyfriend fiancé. Forever. To the end.

Velok - The ex-boyfriend. I'm glad we cleared the air. Better a friend, than a regret.

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Liesl Miller

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Full Name: Liesl Anne Miller

Date of Birth: November 30, 1992

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Height: 5' 11"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Student / Dancer

Approved: 11/10/2013

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Nelson Miller
Liesl's Father

  • Nelson Miller
  • Born: April 29, 1962
  • Profession: CEO of Miller Geotech International, Inc.

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Played By: Taylor Swift