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Lihi Lesedi Sands

"I'm waking up! I feel it in my bones, enough to make my system blow. Welcome to the new age.. "

Imagine Dragons[1]

Date of Birth: Hard to say
Apparent Age: Ask for ID
Occupation: Learning about this world
Nationality: America - Fuck yeah!
Legal Status: I'm not saying it's aliens...
Demeanor: My mask!

Hook: "Everything seems to be new to Lihi. Everything."

Hook: "Lihi may be a bit gullible."

Hook: "Attracted to the innocent? She's got this innocent air about her. Innocent and possibly vulnerable."

Hook: "(Sometimes seen when her hair is just right) There is a very small tattoo on the back of her neck, about the size of an American nickle. It reads: XAN12-07-01 on top. Imediately under it is: A-02-DU"


The Races

VampireKindred "Have I met one?"

WerewolfGarou "I've seen what they can do."

WraithWraith "Do they exist?"

MageMage "Let's see what you've got."

MortalMortal "Oh those do exist."

DemonDemon "I believe."

My Friends/People I know

Sara "Why did you look at me with such hatred and rage, then approve me to teach?"

Devlin "Willing to learn from me, and teach in turn. Your dedication to your family is commendable."

Kirk "My teacher. My Guardian. My guide."

Typhanie "You gave me someone I can help and help me in return. Thanks for visitation rights with Nachos."

Klem "No kissing the boys. And now, thanks to Aodhan, I understand it's a euphamism. Thank you for the job, the food and independence."

Aodhan "I could listen to you talk for hours.. so long as you pause now and then for me to use my dictionary. Thanks for your patience, kindness and smiles."

Michael "Why do your cheeks darken like that around me?"

Liam "You are a kind man and a wonderful boss."

Eloise "Your gentle soul confuses me sometimes, as does your generosity. Thanks for the shopping trip. I will never forget it."

Abbigail "Bird whisperer.. you gave me the gift of flight over land. Thank you. Keep practicing."

Ferdinand "You are showing me how very little I know about the universe and this world we are on."

Chuck "You taught me my first dance and are introducing me to new animals."

Random Things

In a World of Darkness, the smallest light is a beacon.

Why Paleontologists shouldn't play video games.

In reference to the pictures below: The one of Lihi in black, all makeup-ed up is from a 'dress up' date with Abbigail.


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