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Liliana Boros











Liliana Boros, or Lili for short, is newly arrived to Prospect. Originally from Czechoslovakia, she's moved into that old, dilapidated mansion on the hill. She seems rather shy, and quiet until you get to know her. Then she's friendly and bubbly.


Although new to the city, she's not new to the All Night Society. Lili is a ghoul, more or less, to one Kazimir Zierotin. Like many of her station, she runs his day to day affairs, well, during the day, and attends him at night.


RP Hooks


* - New – Lili is new to the area and tends to get lost easily. Maybe she'll ask you for directions when she shows up someplace she wasn't expecting.


* - Ghoul – Eternal Servant by day and .. well, the same by night. You know the work of a ghoul is never done. You could probably run into her either time at the known hangouts.