Log: Reunions at Babylon

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Reunions at Babylon
Wyck is working at Babylon when an old friend walks in. inside.
IC Date July 19, 2014
IC Time Night
Players Wyck, Vladimir, Izzy, Jaxon
Location Babylon
, Hollow Ones

Vladimir calmly observes the rave as he makes his way around, then ask one of the boys, "What is this place?" while looking around with interest.

An hour or so until midnight and the floating rave is in full swing. The music is thumping, the dancers are pumping and and more than a few of the patrons are off hump...well, at least they try and keep the curtains closed around the booths. Wyck, one of the underwear-clad shot-boys, seems to be working his way around the room walking around in a pair of navy blue underwear with white piping with a tray of plastic vials full of colored alcohol.

One of the shot-boys turns to the man who asks and explains, "This is Babylon," as though it were all of the answer the man would need. "-Anything- can happen here," he adds and turns to get back to his route of trying to sell the vials of alcohol, and himself, to the patrons.

Vladimir walks after the boy with the tray and calmly lifts a drink off it, "thanks" he says as he upends it, "whats in it?"

Izzy wanders in seeming to be familar with the place. Izzy moves through it bouncing along with the music with an expressionless face and wide eyes. Izzy moves through the club towards the back tables casually kicking a makeout session in progress out of one of the chairs and takes a seat sprawling casually to watch the club in action.

The shot-boy in the orange underwear turns to the hand that was reaching for a vial and explains, "Flavored drinks," noting the yellow, orange, blue and red-colored liquids. "Most people like the cinnamon," he points to the vial of red liquid, "...or the mango," and his finger slides to a vaguely orange drink. "The Lemon one is sour as hell." Pondering for a moment, he realizes that he hasn't said the price and explains, "Dollar a shot."

Vladimir nods and says "ok, so, do I take them just off the tray and pay you, or do I have to go and order them?" as he looks over as some girl(?) kicks a couple out of a back corner.

Izzy waves the angry couple away which leads to one of their friends pulling them away. It seems the quiet Izzy is known by a few people here or from around town. Izzy for the most part doesn't order any drinks yet just wide eyed and black expression scanning the crowd. Perhaps looking for something or someone?

The shot-boy explains, holding up his tray with about five shots for each flavor - each held in a slim, plastic vial and set into a slot in the wooden tray, "Oh, you can have one now and just pay me. Tipping," he winks, "...is always encouraged."

Wyck, another Shot-Boy but dressed in bright, blue underwear, returns to the bar to have his tray refilled by Ron, the lead bartender. Pausing against the edge, he reaches into his waistband to gather the bills he's been offered in tip and folds them together neatly less they crumble and scrape against 'important' things.

Vladimir Looks at the try, and gets out a five dollar bill, "ok, then can I have three shots, 2 lemons and a cinamminon? and you can keep the change" he says as he hands the shot boy the money and takes two orange-ish ones and a cinnaminon one, then walks over the the boy/girl sitting in the corner and asks, "so, you a guy or a chick?" Vladimir and hands her the cinamminon shot.

Izzy looks up at Vladimir staring for a moment and taking the cinnamon shot sniffing it curiously then back to Vladimir sniffing at him before smiling "Yes." Yep, not a conclusive answer from the Izzy "Are you curious? Would you like to find out? Knowing things isn't always safe."

Jason, the orange-clad shot-boy, takes the money and wanders back into the crowds to sell his wares while Wyck, still resting at the bar while his tray is refilled, watches Izzy and smiles to himself. Yup - this is going to be interesting. Unwilling to look away in that near train-wreck sort of a way, he watches with idle curiosity just how the meeting between the new face and Izzy will go.

<<SCENE>> MUSIC CHANGE: http://youtu.be/VUjdiDeJ0xg

Vladimir smiles and says "yea, but then I would be left with an unsatisfied curiousity", and sits down at the booth. "by the by, my name is Vladimir, what's yours?" while looking around the room.

Izzy nods "Satisfaction isn't guaranteed. Though I'm sure something will be learned from the experience." Izzy flows upwards to stand almost with boneless grace and starts wandering towards a darker corner. With a look back over his/her shoulder at Vladimir "I am Izzy."

Wyck wanders around the room now that his tray has been refilled and makes a few steps to sell his wares and thus-and-such table and eventually wanders by Izzy's table. "Hey...," he calls and looks between the two to get their attention, "Can I interest you in a bit of liquid courage or social lubricant?" The tray is now filled with five shots of each of the four drinks; red, orange, yellow and blue.

Vladimir looks up at the boy who just walked up to them and nods his assent, "yea, one more lemon please" and gives two dollars, takes the shot and follows izzy to the corner with a look of surprize on his face. "nice to meetcha, so are you a man or a woman, Izzy?"

Izzy leans back against the wall looking past Vladimir to Wyck and quirks a grin "I am fine, I will get a drink in a bit." then Izzy looks back to Vladimir and smiles "Lean in close, it's a secret. I shall wisper revelations into your ear."

Roofshadow is up in the light rigging above. You might not even notice him with all the lazer lights ruining your night vision. He peers down with wide eyes.

Wyck nods to the new face and hands him the two yellow shots and glances over to Izzy with a faint, thin-lipped grin on his face before heading on about his route from table to table.

But working in the favor of those who may be looking, Roofshadow is a very large cat, possibly a main coone. His white fur doesn't exactly blend either.

Vladimir looks at wyck in time to catch the grin, then looks at Izzy, and walks till he is standing before Izzy, not quite close enough to be within easy reach, but close, and looks her/him in the eye and says "revelations about what?"

Izzy smiles widely. Oh she/he is a goth with those press on fangs both upper and lower. Very nice ones. Maybe a rich goth. Who knows. But Izzy beckons Vladimir closer "I cannot wisper secrets with this music playing at such a distance. You want to know yes? I'll wisper and you can feel to confirm. Don't you trust me?"

As Wyck wanders from table to table, one of the customers demands a selfie for her friends; one with Wyck. The young woman, whom the other young ladies call Ashley, is dressed with an aura of self-entitlement and wealth. She will not accept no for an answer and slaps down three, twenty-dollar bills for the shot-boy to take. Shrugging, and needing the money, Wyck accepts and slides into the booth and does his best to flex his chest out a little. The one girl who is picked to take the photo slinks out of her seat and ushers the rest into a large crowd around the young man and -just- when she was ready to take the photo...the phone dies. Yup. Dead battery. Who would have thunk? She laments and the others break from their pose for a moment while other phones are produced to capture the picture. Some won't focus, others seem to have some kind of electronic error. Wyck just smiles. Eventually, though, they manage to get the pics they're wanting and he slides out and wanders back to the bar for refills.

Roofshadow is frustrated. Whispering means secrets and so far away means he doesn't get to know. Maddening!

Vladimir smilies and says, "ok" and leans in close to Izzy, with a look on his face stating that he knows something is up, but is game anyways. His face is beside Izzies, "so whats the secret?"

Izzy steps into Vladimir and leans in to wisper in his ear, probably dirty secrets full of deliciousness not at all to torment the cat because Izzy is unaware of the spying feline, but there they are up close an personal in a shadowy corner with the music beating. They must be friends! With all that neck nuzzling going on.

Roofshadow rolls his eyes once the neck nuzzling starts. He thought it was something juicy but it's only desire. Cats don't have huge attention spans. He decides to groom himself instead lending credence to the myth that cats probably prefer butt flavored cat food.

Wyck is barefoot, wearing only a pair of blue, boxer-briefs, and is absently leaning against the side of the bar while his tray of shots is refilled. He is lost in his own thoughts and nearly oblivious as to the comings and goings of people in the club. To him, it's just another night at the club.

Jaxon steps inside, looking around the club slowly with a faintly amused smile. Moving out of the doorway he starts to make his way through the crowd, weaving slowly through the clusters of people as he heads towards the bar. When he reaches the end he starts to look for a seat, spotting Wyck instead. A look of surprise plants itself on his face, then a faint frown as he approaches to stop a short distance behind him without speaking.

Vladimir stands there, feeling something in his neck, just stands there feeling great, making soft groans.

Izzy lightly sets Vladimir down in a chair and pulls back with a lick of the lips, Izzy checks, yep he's not gushing everywhere just a little bit paler so no harm no foul. Izzy smiles at Vladimir "And that is what gender I am. Though I must comment you are delicious. I shall recommend you to all of my friends." before Izzy starts to wander back into the crowd flush with.. Joy.

There was going to be a snarky retort to someone coming up behind Wyck. Oh yes, there was. Leaning against the edge of the bar with his rear covered in not but a thin piece of blue fabric, the shot-boy is used to people grabbing for his ass or coming up behind him and the like. He's used to it. Turning with a half-snarky grin on his face and the beginings of "Hey, can I get you a sho..." is stopped mid-snark. Wyck is surprised. Yup. He knew someone was behind him just didn't know -who- was behind him. Nope. Fingers begin to lose their grip on the tray of plastic vials and they start to fall from his hand to the ground. There's a pause; a half-breath of motionless recognition of the man in front of him and then Wyck does the unthinkable. Well - to some it would be unthinkable. With the speed of a cat after a laser pointer, he launches himself forward to hug Jaxon - whether this is accepted or not...that's a different matter.

Jaxon gives Wyck a crooked grin at the reaction, whatever had him frowning fades when he gets that kind of a response to his presence. It looks as though he's going to try and stop the spill but then he's got an armful of Wyck and the vials of whatever are going to hit the ground. There's a brief pause, then he slides his arms around the back of the other man, hugging him tightly. "And where has my little vagabond been?" an amused chuckle slipping out.

Vladimir sit's in a daze, and looks for Izzy and catchs sight of her, asking "wait, what are you?" before he slumps and close's his eyes, trying to fight off whatever she did to him.

Izzy smiles as Vladimir slumps and leans in speaking quietly to him, almost a whisper, as Izzy shares "A monster." then with a laugh Izzy is wading through the crowd headed for the exit, having found exactly what it was looking for.

Someone who slumps into their chair is nothing out of the ordinary at Babylon - especially with the rapid egress of whoever was seated with him. One of the shot-boys or perhaps a waitress will wander by in a moment and check the man's pulse to see if he's still alive. Assuming that he's just passed out for a while, they leave him to wake up in a moment or two and wonder what happened.

The little vagabond, Wyck, leans back from hugging Jaxon and answers "I had to go...for a while. Things... bad things...but I'm back now," he smiles and makes no bones of holding onto the man. Ron, the lead bartender, was none-too-happy about the dropped shots and yells at the boy, "That's coming out of your money!" But he's being ignored.

Jaxon nods slowly, his arms tightening briefly, giving Wyck a hard squeeze. "I was wondering if I'd done something, or if you'd felt crowded." He sighs, not seeming to mind the PDA either, though he does give the bartender a look, before his attention goes back to Wyck. "Next time, come to me. You know I'm more than happy to make problems go away." There's a pause, and he sounds a little uncomfortable. "I missed you."

Vladimir seems to snap out of his slump, but his eyes are still hazy and drugged, and with a satisfied smile on his face, he flags one of the shot-boys down. "can I have some water, please? I think I have had a little to much to drink." while trying to figure out if he can stand up straight.

Wyck is happy. He's almost beaming. Yup. Before he gets -too- happy...and proves that he's -just- wearing a pair of underwear, he slowly releases his iron grip on Jaxon's form and takes a step back. The floor is now sticky with twenty plastic vials worth of mixed drinks and he's in his bare feet. He pays them little mind, "I found some of the others - they said that you had gone. Are you um...back?" he asks with hopeful antici... ... pation. "..and I missed you too."

Jason, the orange-clad shot-boy nods to Vladimire and wanders to the bar to get him a bottle. There, he spies Wyck and the other man and just shakes his head, "Yeah, not getting in the middle of that," he is overheard saying.

Jaxon reluctantly loosens his arms when Wyck makes to move back, nodding. "I'm back." He uses the hand still at the other man's side to guide him out of the puddle, reaching into his coat to pull out his wallet. He settles the issue of the spilled drinks by simply passing his card over then turning back. A slightly displeased grunt comes out, "All politcal bullshit if you ask me, but yes, I left for a time. Traveled the world with a troupe of bellydancers." He smirks and lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "But I found myself missing this place."

Vladimir stands up, swaying slightly but soon finding his balance, and asks the shot-boy, "how much is the water?" and the boy replies "its free". so Vladimir takes the water and walks, swaying ever so lightly, past the bar with the two men who were embracing, and walks out the door.

Wyck glances to Jaxon's offer of his card to repay the damages of the dropped vials and then smiles up him. "Hey - you want to get out of here and go talk?" The question was asked honestly, without much fliration...but there is some at least. "I'm sure that Jason could use the tips..."

Jaxon nods, "Yes I do." His smile growing briefly as he watches Wyck, taking the card back after it's charged to slide it back into his wallet and tuck it all away in his coat. "Still have your mobile home? I gave the house away to an associate when I left, so at the moment I'm doing a bit of...couch surfing." There's a pause as he finds the phrase, chuckling as he holds out his hand for Wyck's.

Wyck smiles and grabs his satchel from behind the bar and begins to pull his clothes out so that he has something to wear when they leave. Once his has himself covered and some flip-flops on his feet, he looks up and over to Jaxon as he explains his living situation. "Hey...no more of that for you. Tonight you will sleep like a king on a -real- bed." With that, he drapes his arm around the man's neck and heads towards the exit.