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"I am Lucas Campbell, born under the Warrior's Moon to the Children of Gaia. Descendant of Heart of Fury great warrior legend of Gaia. I am Cliath in rank by deed, Rite named Glory of Gaia."

Notable Stats: Ancestors: 5

Appearance: 4

Huge Size

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Lucas Campbell

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Race: Garou
Full Name: Lucas Campbell
Rite Name: Glory of Gaia
Occupation: Guardian
Tribe: Child of Gaia
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Cliath
RP Hooks
Child of Gaia - An Ahroun of the Gaian tribe and sworn protector, on a quest as a steady and constant guardian.

Ancestry - Lucas has a great number of ancestors that seem to speak to him.

Huge - Lucas is just about 7 feet of muscle. He jokes that his father was a giant. That of course cant be real, right?

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