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"Pragmatically speaking, I like the fact that the masses vote, abuse drugs, believe in Jesus, follow sports, and worship a flag. They are tools of social engineering that keep the many-too-many sedate, pacified, and out of many people's hair (chiefly, my own)."

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Mage I have no use for most of you. Gods who limit themselves are not Gods.

Demon Most have forgotten the fight and are akin to cancer victims simply waiting for the Hammer of God to drop.

Vampire For immortality you sacrifice so much. Its like people who sniff poop to get high when marijuana is a viable alternative.

Mortal Those who choose to follow, deserve to be led.

Wraith One day the wall will be broken. Your death makes you malleable. Serve.

Shifter Twisted mockeries of creation. They have dreamed their Gods into life. A great fury that needs direction. Allow me to provide it for you.

Changeling A what?

Fomori The union of unclean spirits and mortal flesh. The relationship is not surprisingly parasitic. This interests me.

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Cherazart Warped by the cartel. Taught herself there is pride in abject servitude. Finally single, then you move away.

Kidd Maybe next time hold out a little on concepts like slavery eh? You screwed the pooch.

Pumpkin Are you serious? Anyone named Pumpkin is just askin' for it! This Daddy´s girl is three different flavors of messed up.

Shannon Thanks for your help with the thing.

Apple Interesting girl with an even more interesting past. What happened to you in the fire?

Elise Yeah yeah so I got one of your officers off the force. Get over it! Train the next ones better or the justice system will eat them alive too.

Michal He likes it! Hey Mikey! Now I seen everything! Can I get a hallelujah?!!! More manipulative than I thought. I'd like your play book.

Dollie This slave wants to enlighten me? Very well, tell me about your dark world. I'm interested.

Constance I believe in you but I cannot forgive Him. A light in the darkness. Beautiful...and Jesus. A greatful victim, like Job. I will not be snared by the philosophy of weakness.

Faye It seems this client wants help disguising her two personas. That doesn't seem possible with the alternative she chose. Ok I'll take your money right after this phone call.

Foster The hell is this asshole's problem? Whatever he had his opportunity. If you don't like people just stay home and read the Bible some more! Then again that might be closely related to his irritability.

Carolyn Surprisingly quick witted for a military woman. I didn't expect that. Looks like her sexual harassment case resolved itself. One day she will be married, but not to me. I don´t bet half my assets on forever. Nice girl though.

Annastasija For a high powered lawyer, you have clearly stepped out of your comfort zone. You will make an amusing diversion.

Tiana Convention generally dictates first base comes prior to third but I will certainly allow the rules to break. What was your name again?

Silvana Sophisticated and likely playing the field like me. If she knew what I am she would react like my father did. No use deja vu. Still the mammal in me sometimes misses her touch.[1]

Segers All you had to do was shut the fuck up. Stay the fuck away from me you stupid fuckin mook!

Enyo I have not met a woman more elegant and refined. You and me, doll. The rest will burn first before the void swallows all. [2]

Stevie Street Gang types typically aren't in my circle of friends. How did you get through?

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Lucius Milano, Esq.

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Concept: Rake

Position: Criminal Defense Attorney

Race: Italian

Demeanor: Rogue

Faction: Nephandi (Infernal)

Rank: Adsinistrati


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RP Hooks
Crime Does Pay: It pays me anyway. Perhaps we can find a way to get you out of this mess. No, no...Don't think I care about you. But when I win, I get paid more. Let's both profit.

La Cosa Nostra: Yeah I might know something about that.

Roleplay Preferences: Try to shock me. If there's something Im not comfortable with, I've yet to find it.

Satanic Witchcraft: He is the head of a local coven of satanic witches, some of which have true magick, others simply a propensity to believe in dreams that will never come true.

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Notable Stats
I only ever lost one case. What the hell else you wanna know? I like old movies, long walks on the beach, and cute little f**k'n puppies.

SoundTrack: Paint it Black (The Rolling Stones) [3]

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