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Furies "Men know that women are an overmatch for them, and therefore they choose the weakest or the most ignorant. If they did not think so, they never could be afraid of women knowing as much as themselves."

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Garou.png Us.

Kinfolk.png The future of our nation. Protect them at all costs.
Wyrm.png Purge.
Vampire.png Should be dead. Make dead.
Mage.png Caern Rapers.
Wraith.png You are missed.
Changeling.png A what?.
Demon.png Enemies of the Patriarch.
Mortal.png Helpless.

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CJ I admire you rhya. The Bacchantes will never forget the service you did for them. My claws are yours.

Pearl Wolf sister. Only you really understand me.

Nate Distant cousin from my mother's side. My loyal friend.

Daegan How about a nice uppercut to the nuts? Would that be an undercut? Well anyway, that's what you get for being weak and stupid. When I finally decide to have puppies, they won't be yours. My kids deserve to be stronger than you.

Mckayla Doesn't know how to hunt. Doesn't want to learn. If your going to be weak you should start popping out babies, maybe they can learn to hunt

Akimi Liar Bird. You made my other corax friends leave. I miss them.

Annie You have much to learn in a world where men imagine they rule, but you are learning.

Alpha Vampire Stone You do not rule in the wild. You are an abberation. Go back to the city with the rest of your putrid kind.

Charlene I still don't know why you left our pack, I don't think you do either.

Vicky s Tinyheart.png I surrender. I will allow my heart to dream. My wife, my lover, my best friend, my everything. [1]

Amy clearson Even Softpaw condemns you. Burn in Erebus you traitor.

Dex For my harsh words I performed a rite of contrition. For saving your kinfolk and risking my life to avenge her pain, you could not spare a thankyou.

Alecto You are difficult to know. I want to welcome you as a fellow Fury but you only speak to me to find answers meant to hurt people. Your position will make you an outsider to your tribe. It must be a heavy burden.

Kisa Smart fox. I am honored that you think of me for protection and impressed with your strategy.

George You won but it was a just challenge. I am not ashamed to lose. To not defend my family's honor would have been far worse.

Monica Once we were sisters. Now you turn on me before the sept. Your hatred hurts where the others is of no consequence.

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TRIBE: Black Furies


BREED: Lupus

CONCEPT: Personal Trainer

RANK: Athro

PACK: Moonguard Hunters

SEPT: Sept of the Enduring Spirit

About the Player: User:Faqirah



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RP Hooks
Personal Trainer: She works part time at Makani Youth Center. Need a sparring partner, someone to whip you into shape? Inquire within. (Instruction can give xp discounts for learning appropriate skills from Lydia.)

Vigilante: Lydia hunts wyrm creatures. She also has the flaw Black and White. This means if you want to hunt the minions of the wyrm with her, this is a good way to start a scene. If you are a wyrm creature or a vampire with a heart of gold and you think this is a way to help Lydia understand they aren´t all bad, your wrong. She will not try to understand. The most you can hope for is a mercy killing.

Fury: It is the job of the Black Fury tribe to protect defenseless women. If you need help. Its here.

Den Mother: Playing a new garou, lost cub or lost kinfolk and having trouble getting a scene to get you to the Sept and your tribe? New to playing Werewolf and need an IC Mentor? About to have a child or hoping to have a child and need Gaia's blessing? Ask me for a scene.

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