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Maria Madrigal

“Don't do that! Look, you asked me to act natural, I'm acting natural - in fact, under the circumstances, I think I ought get a fuckin' Academy Award for how natural I'm acting."

---Pete Bottoms---

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Vampire Vampires: "Earth is hell and every hell needs guards, the Vampires fills that role"
Camarilla The Camarilla: "It's like putting a sugar addict in a candy shop, they defy all they should be. And they are boring."
Sabbat The Sabbat: "Whoop whoop."
Independent The Independents: "I'm all alone, there is no kind of sanity"

Werewolf Werewolves: "Woof woof, are they real?"
Wraith Wraiths: "I wish to bind them, force them, make them do my bidding and put them in a prison of flesh"
Changeling Changelings: "Faeries? "
Mortal Mortals: "Hell needs inhabitants, and the guards needs something to push around..come dance with me."
Demon Demons: "Nah, I mean if they are real why arent the churches burning and the dawn of a New Christ here allready?."

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Anezka - How you granted me the light and freedom. I owe you everything.

Setsuna - We ride together, we die together. Bad girls for life

Tabitha - Sweet EMT, how I'd love to break you.

Apone - If I ever will pray, I know where it's at

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Fullname: Maria Fernanda Madrigal de Gomez

Apparent Age: 25

Occupation: Temptress/Bruja

Played By: Eiza Gonzalez

<<Important stats of note:>>

Sexy merit

Vamp stat 2+

Seduction 4+

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RP Hooks
Vacation: Were you in Mexico during spring break? Did you go to one of those shady clubs? Then you may have seen Madrigal the Queen of the Night on stage.

Wicca: You into Latin witch craft and dark powers? Then you may have heard of Madrigal

WoD: This is world of darkness, if I wanted My little pony I'd play on that game. That said, I'm all for talking things out, everyone has limits and boundaries.

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