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NOTE: Everything on this page is OOC. Please ask me before making use of anything that isn't a given.

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Person How We Met Ringtone
Charlene Charlene is my BFF and we met while at the Sept in Washington state. Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts
Felix Last Call's beta. Fellow ginger, unite! Drink Drank Drunk (feat. Big & Rich and Big Smo) - Cowboy Troy
Gaelin M’fhíorghrá (It's Irish for 'My True Love'). We met in Washington (like Charlene). Barking At The Moon - Jenny Lewis
Journey and Vesta One doesn't go without the other. These two are best welcoming committee. Never felt so more at home than in Prospect. You've Got A Friend In Me (Cover) from Toy Story
Monica Last-Call's alpha. Didn't know much about her at first but slowly getting to know her the more we work together. Woman (Oh Mama) - Joy Williams

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Maebh Lynn O’Connell was born on August 15, 1915 and the only child of a Spanish-American War Vet Kinfolk and Adren Fianna Ahroun, whom was also an Irish immigrant escaping the potato famine in the 1850’s. Her mother died in a revel shortly after her birth, leaving her in her father’s care. She grew-up on a small tenant farm outside of Chicago, Illinois until the age of fourteen when the pair moved into a small two-bedroom apartment above a drugstore in the city. Once her kinfetch was discovered, she was shuttled off and trained within a house in Hyde Park by an older Theurge. After Riting and briefly running with a city pack, she joined a pack that had territory at a racetrack that was built years prior.

Mae botched her Fostern Challenge, ending up lost in the Umbra for a little over a week or two; drifting through multiple Umbral realms. Eventually she is dumped out of the Umbra into a town in Washington in the year 2014. There, she met one of her best friends and her future husband. Her “mate” and her share some interesting tales of being yo-yo’d to the past and back again while volunteering at a safehouse in an Illinois-Wisconsin border town. When they finally returned to the future, they decided to settle in Prospect, California.

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RP Hooks
The Roaring 20’s

Mae grew-up in the Prohibition-era, so if you have been around since then and were in Chicago, chances are Mae looks like someone’s doppelganger… or the real deal? She visited many known speakeasies (can you say “Flapper”) and was frequent at the racetrack (her former pack’s territory) so bumping into someone who is not a fan of Garou was a high probability.


Mae is a rather successful homebrewer (Brewing 4). Her specialty is whiskey, beer, moonshine, and mead (in that order). If you are looking for something that has a higher alcohol content that you’d find in the store, Mae is a good source for what you are looking for. You will, however, have to pay for it. Sometimes she might exchange liquor for a song (AKA information or other priceless knowledge).


In addition to brewing, Mae is an excellent holistic healer (Medicine: 2, Herbalism: 4, Pharma...: 2, Botany: 1, Toxicology: 1). Being from the 1920’s when modern medicine was widely not able, this woman learned what they call in modern times “alternative medicine”. Even though she doesn’t have a practice, she offers care under the table and in the black market to those who cannot afford otherwise. She is especially drawn towards helping the homeless. If you have money, the same thing goes for brewing, you will have to pay for it.

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Name/Relation Information PC/NPC
Gaelin McBrayer / Husband Please see his profile. PC
Lochlan Jr. McBrayer / Son Born August 4th, 2016, child of Gaelin and Mae McBrayer. Twin to Katherine. Fianna Kinfolk. NPC
Katherine McBrayer / Daughter Born August 4th, 2016, child of Gaelin and Mae McBrayer. Twin to Lochlan Jr.. Fianna Ragabash. NPC
Lochlan Sr. O'Connell / Father *deceased* Fianna Kinfolk. Spanish-American War Vet. Traces back his clan to American Civil War. Handyman and "jack of all trades, master of none". NPC
Margaret ~Harvest~ Flynn-O'Connell / Mother *deceased* Fianna Ahroun Adren. Full Deed Name: ~The-Harvest-Is-Always-Richer-In-Another-Man's-Field~. Irish immigrant during potato famine in the 1850’s+. NPC
Josephene Doyle / Mentor/BFF *deceased* Fianna Theurge Adren and ex-pack Alpha of Homestretch. NPC
Katherine O'Toole / BFF *deceased* Mae's best best friend. Fianna Ragabash Fostern and ex-pack member of Homestretch. Mechanic who ran uncle's garage in 20's-30's. NPC
Emmy O’Rouke / BFF *deceased* Fianna Galliard Fostern and ex-pack member of Homestretch. NPC

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Full Name: Maebh Lynn O'Connell (maiden) / McBrayer (married)

Cub Name(s): ~Hotsy-Totsy~

Deed Name: ~Watches-the-Embers~ or ~Embers~

Fostern Name: ~Hawkeye~

Race: Garou

Faction: Gaian

Tribe: Fianna

Auspice: Theurge

Pack: Last Call

Pack Position: Member

Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Nationality: American (Irish)

Religion: Roman Catholic

Relationship Status: Married

Played By: Ebba Zingmark






















MISC: Speaks English, Irish and Gaelic

MERITS: Enchanted Voice, True Love

FLAWS: Absent-Minded, Soft-Hearted

Mae's Gifts and Rites

Mae's Renown Record

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1. Summer Dream - Markus Schulz feat. Mia Koo

2. Swing City - Dutty Moonshine

3. Such Great Heights - Joy Kills Sorrow

4. Tilt-a-Whirl - The Railsplitters

5. Rye Whiskey - Punch Brothers

6. Rum'n'cola - TimTim

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