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Welcome to Prospect, California, the City of Hope!
To connect, telnet to port 8888. (That's If you want SSL, use port 8889 and a client with TLS support.
Check out our Youtube trailer made by Isis (not the terrorist group)
We also have a Facebook group and a Discord server
Editing is restricted (to keep out the spambots). Real Persons, please contact staff with your wiki username.
Quick Links


  • Character Pages: Characters in play and how to add one of your own.
  • PRP Ideas: Want to run a PRP but need an idea? Have more PRP ideas than ability to run them? Go here!
  • Setting: Information about the city.
  • Businesses: A list of IC businesses, locations, and 'advertising' of such.
  • Living Resources: Apartments for rent, building codes, how to +req living quarters.


  • Wiki templates: Five blank templates for your usage.
  • Code: Helpful code stuff!
  • Icons: WoD icons.
  • Dot Templates: Custom dot templates to show stats with.
  • Pastey: Share text pastes with other players. (Off-site, use at your own risk. Use 'unlisted' if you don't want search engines indexing it.)
  • +Build Help
  • Staff: Whose fault is all this?