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Akecheta Beta of the pack and ass kicker. Owns Outlaw Saloon. Glad to hunt at your side.

Alyssa Marlon's GF and a kin of mine.

Amanda Pierce Interesting combination. I've never met a one of you before. I'm intrigued in this Mad Science.

Amelia Roomie! I'm happy you seem to have found Duncan and to see you getting out more.

Andrew Brother shall we find things to hunt?

Annie Tinyheart.png Baby our banter is epic. My little biker kitty. *Lick.*

Cari Connor's mate. nice woman.

Connor Eldest of our tribe. Not Stuffy someone I can definitely drink with.

Duncan Mallory You better treat Amelia right. Tribe or not. You break her heart we'll have words.

Giselle A good kin, a helpful kin. Energetic and fun. Jake is lucky.

Jake I think we may become good friends. Bowling league? matching shirts? I'm down.

Journey Wise and influential. Knows the sense of Community. Alpha material.

MacKenzie Owns Thriftology, well connected streetwise. Definitely potential.

Mae Good head on your shoulders but your history is confusing as fuck.

Marlon Good man even if I keep giving him new names.

Rhys Amelia's brother and a half moon. Good man.

Torsten Alpha of the pack and a druid.

Vesta Well connected. Definitely a useful kin and Journey's Mate.

Zeppelin Bubbly and cute but you need to reign in your fear.

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RP Hooks
Fire Performer

Marcel is a fire performer. He specializes in contact staff and sword. He also fire breaths and eats.

Bike lover

Marcel was raised around the bikes . He has his own. He certainly almost look like he belongs with his tats.

Gaian Garou

Marcel is a ragabash of the Fianna. He is known for his comedy and willingness to openly question things. Quick to laugh and a dirty mind. He also serves as a scout and information gatherer for the Dragon's Fire pack.

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Race: Garou
Full Name: Marcel Alexander Hugh
Date of Birth: July 4th 2005
Rite Name: Fire's Breath
Occupation: Fire Performer
Demeanor: Bon vivant
Nature: Defender
Tribe: Fianna
Rank: Cliath
Auspice: Ragabash
Apparent Age: 23
Height: 5'9""
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing marks: Tribal Tattoos on his head shoulders arms and chest.
Pack: Dragon's Fire
Significant Other: Annie


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Notable Stats
Marcel/Notable Stats

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Played By: Jared Padalecki