Melissa Smith

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Full Name

Melissa Marie Smith

Celestial Name

Naudralsaelle, Shepherd of Stars


Digital Denizen







A Prison of Flesh

Aloof and lost in the stars, Naudralsaelle's distant responsibilities involved ensuring that the workings of the Divine Machine progressed as dictated by the All-maker. She rarely brushed by the creatures of Clay residing in the Garden around which all celestial bodies traversed. Instead, herself and her Brothers and Sisters of the Spheres exercised their mastery of portals and near prophetic foresight to direct the dance of the stars. The light of their efforts still glitter in the sky.

To go from near infinite sight to the void of the Abyss was like being blinded and Naudralsaelle's occupation of her host body did not improve her situation by much. With little empathy for the creatures that have shirked their bond with the All-maker, Naudralselle's actions rarely factor in their effect on the humans around her although she is not explicitly malicious.

Melissa never had the charisma to go with her appearance so she found solace in the digital world and the systems contained therein. It didn't take long for her to pry her way in to private, hidden places to feed a voracious hunger for knowing the secrets of others. Hidden revelations give her a perverse pleasure that deadens her own pains.

Melissa's pact with a demon is a natural evolution to the vicious cycle of her obsessions. Having long since hit the pique of her natural abilities, Naudralselle has expanded her potential beyond what a regular mortal would be able to achieve.


Software: While not one for constructing elegant user interfaces or engaging in effective material design, algorithms, resource allocation, and data flow are as second nature.

Hacking: Software development in inverse. Anything that has been built can be broken down given enough time and compensation.

Cryptology: Obfuscation of information relies on the application of mathematics and, like any equation, it can always be solved.

Finance: The financial world is just another system. Need to hide something or find something?

Larceny and Security: All doors can be unlocked. Which one do you need opened?

Media: In the day and age of the internet, truth and opinion are difficult to separate. Need to sway public opinion or bury something?

No Conscience: Services available be it legal or otherwise.