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Ability Aptitude      Acute Hearing            Acute Sense Of Smell
 Acute Sense Of Taste     Acute Vision             Additional Discipline
 Alternate Identity       Ambidextrous             Ancestor Ally
 Angelic Aura             Angelic Gaze             Animal Magnetism
 Approachable             Atavistic Form           Attuned Taste
 Baby Face                Benevolent Blood         Benevolent Domitor
 Berserker                Blood Flaw Immunity      Blush Of Health
  Boon                     Broken Bond              Bruiser
  Bullyboy                 Calm Heart               Cat-like Balance
 Charmed Existence        Church Ties               Clan Friendship
 Code Of Honor            Coldly Logical           Common Sense
 Compassionate            Computer Aptitude        Concentration
 Consanguineous ResistanceControllable Night Sight Corporate Ties
 Corporation CEO          Crack Driver             Danger Sense
 Daredevil                Deadened Nerves          Deceptive Aura
 Destiny (merit)          Disembodied Mentor       Domain
 Double-jointed           Dracon's Temperament     Dual Nature
 Dynamic Personality      Early Maturation         Early Riser
  Eat Food                  Efficient Digestion      Eidetic Memory
  Elysium Regular           Embraced Without The Cup Enchanting Voice
 Faerie Affinity          Faerie Eternity          Faint Reflection
 Fair Glabro              False Reflection         Force Of Spirit
 Forgettable               Former Ghoul             Foul Blood
 Friend Of The Underground Friendly Face            Gaping Maw
 Gnosis (merit)           Good Looking             Good Right-left Hook
 Green Thumb              Guardian Angel           Harmless
  Harpy                    Haven Affinity           Healing Touch
  Hidden Diablerie         Hidden Power             Higher Purpose
 Holder Of Office         Huge Size                Immaculate Aura
 Immortal                 Inoffensive To Animals   Iron Will
 Jack-of-all-trades                                Kinain
 Kinfolk (merit)          Legendary Attribute      Light Sleeper
 Lightning Calculator     Lizard Limbs             Long Fingers
 Magic Resistance         Magical Addict           Manifest Avatar
  Mansion                 Master Of Red Tape       Mechanical Aptitude
 Media Ties               Medium                   Metamorph
 Misplaced Heart          Mixed-morph              Mole
 Natural Channel          Natural Linguist          Nightclub
 Notable Lineage          Occult Library           Old Pal
 Open Road                Oracular Ability         Oversized Fangs
 Pain Tolerance           Pale Aura                Paragon (merit)
 Patagia                  Pawn                     Pelagic Harmony
 Perfect Liar             Piscine                  Pitiable
 Police Ties              Political Ties           Precocious
 Prestigious Sire          Primogen                  Primogen Friendship
 Projectile Vomiting      Protege                  Proxy Kissed
 Purity (merit)           Regeneration             Rep
 Reptile Buddy            Reputation               Revenant Disciplines
 Rip Van Winkle           Rising Star              Rugged Bad Looks
  Sabbat Survivor          Sanguine Incongruity     Scholar Of Enemies
 Scholar Of Others        Self-confident            Sheriff's Friend
 Silence (merit)          Silver Tolerance         Sleep Unseen
 Slimy                    Smooth (merit)           Spark Of Life
 Speaker With The Dead    Special Gift             Spirit Mentor
  Spirit Sight (merit)     Stormwarden              Strength Of Psyche
  Strength Of Shadows      Supernatural Companion   Sympathetic Bond
 The Flow Of Ki           Time Sense               True Faith
 True Gypsy               True Love                Unaging
  Unbondable              Underworld Ties          Unpossessed
 Useful Knowledge         Virulent Strike          Weak Shadow
 Weather Sense            Werewolf Companion       Wholecloth
 Wild Talent (merit)      Winged (merit)           Wolf Sight


Merit Cost Type Details
Acute Sense 1 Physical Synopsis: One of your five senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing, smell) is incredibly sharp.

System: -2 difficulty on rolls involving the specified sense.
Notes: This merit signifies only one sense. The sense must be clarified via +note on your character.
Book Ref: Vampire Player's Guide 2nd, Pg. 6

Ambidextrous 2 Physical Synopsis: You can use both of your hands without ineptitude!

System: +1 difficulty to do two different tasks at once (one with each hand), instead of +3 for off hand.
Notes: None
Book Ref:Vampire's Players Guide, Pg. 7

Blush of Health 2 Vampire Synopsis: Though undead, your skin has color, but it is still cold like a corpse.

System: None Specified.
Notes: This merit cannot be taken by Nosferatu, Gargoyle, or Samedi. This may also not be taken if you possess the flaws Touch of Frost or Monstrous.
Book Ref: Vampire: The Masquerade (revised), Pg. 296

Boon 1-6 Vampire Synopsis: Another Vampire owes you a favor.

System: Consult Staff regarding Boon system, read book for more information.
Notes: Points invested symbolize the power of the NPC-Vampire whom the boon is owed.
Book Ref: Vampire Player's Guide, Pg. 41

Broken Bond 4 Vampire Synopsis: Somehow, you are freed from the shackles of a blood bond, and your domitor has no clue.

System: ?
Notes: None.
Book Ref:

Bullyboy 2 Vampire Synopsis: You are in the Sheriff's posse when brute force is needed.

System: Provides RP opportunities, no system bonuses.
Notes: None.
Book Ref: Guide to the Camarilla, Pg. 75

Cat-Like Balance 1 Physical Synopsis: You've got a better sense of balance than others.

System: -1 difficulty to any balance related rolls.
Notes: None
Book Ref: Mage: The Ascension (revised), Pg. 288

Clan Friendship 3 Vampire Synopsis: It's easier for you to associate with a clan other than your own.

System: -2 difficulty to social dealings with chosen clan.
Notes: Clan must be put into a +note.
Book Ref: Vampire Player's Guide, Pg. 42

Controllable Night Sight 2 Physical Synopsis: You can see in the darkness as if it were light -- which then turns light into darkness.

System: Spend a turn, you can see perfectly in the dark. Any source of light, however, is treated as vision imparing darkness.
Notes: This cannot see through Obteneration.
Book Ref: Clanbook: Lasombra, Pg. 63

Crack Driver 1 Physical Synopsis: You can drive like you just smoked a fat crack rock, but without all the crashing and burning non-sense that would otherwise happen!

System: -2 difficulty to any Driving roll.
Notes: None
Book Ref: Werewolf Players Guide, Pg. 20

Eat Food 1 Vampire Synopsis: Your character can eat food and enjoy it, but not gain any kind of nourishment from it. It will have to be regurgitated later.

System: None.
Notes: None.
Book Ref: Vampire: The Masquerade, Pg. 296

Efficient Digestion 3 Vampire Synopsis: When you drink blood, blood appears from blood and gives you extra blood!

System: For every two blood you drink, you generate an extra point of blood. Round down if you feed from a number not evenly divisible by two.
Book Ref: Vampire Players Guide, Pg. 11

Embraced Without the Cup 3 Vampire Synopsis: Almost all Tremere are given a cup of blood, transubstantiated with the blood of the council of seven, who rule the entire clan -- but not you!
System: You are not one step bound to the will of the council.
Notes: If you are playing a Tremere, and it's found out that you had not been demanded that you drink, nothing good can come of it at all.
Book Ref: Clanbook: Tremere, Pg. 67
Former Ghoul 1 Vampire Synopsis: Although not necessarily bound now, you used to be some kindred's meat bag!

System: -1 difficulty to all social rolls with Neonates, and -1 difficulty on all rolls relating to Kindred knowledge.
Book Ref: Guide to the Camarilla, Pg. 74

Former Ghoul 3 Vampire Synopsis: Although not necessarily bound now, you used to be some kindred's meat bag!

System: -1 difficulty to all social rolls with Neonates, and -2 difficulty on all rolls relating to Kindred knowledge.
Book Ref: Guide to the Camarilla, Pg. 74

Harpy 5 Vampire Synopsis: Your voice is part of a caste within Camarilla society that publishes news, states opinions, and sways public opinion. In a society that is based around information, regard and propaganda, you are both a sword and a shield.

System: -1 on all social rolls when acting in official capacity.
Book Ref: Guide to the Camarilla, Pg. 76

Hidden Diablerie 3 Vampire Synopsis: When a Vampire diablarizes another Vampire, they get black veins in their aura noting them as diablarists. You do not get that. In other words: it's dinner time.

System: Black lines do not manafest in your aura after diablarie.
Book Ref: Guide to the Camarilla, Pg. 79

Mansion 2 Economic Synopsis: You own a big ass house (25 or more rooms), with servants and state-of-the art electronic security.

System: If you want to feed off of the servants, you'll need Herd. If you want to use the servants outside of their housely function, you'll need Retainer. If you want to make this a truly livable estate without fear of governmental intervention, you'll need Resources.
Book Ref: Vampire Player's Guide, 2nd Ed., Pg. 17

Nightclub 2 Economic Synopsis: You own a medium-sized nightclub, perhaps one of the hottest spots in the city.

System: This gives you 1K a month starting, and can grow.
Book Ref: Changeling: The Dreaming, Core Rulebook, P. 166

Primogen 7 Vampire You are part of the ruling coterie of vampires in the city in which you reside. Your voice is one of the few to which the prince must listen, and you have tremendous influence in your clan. On the other hand, there are always others plotting to take your place, making your position a precarious one.
Primogen Friendship 4 Vampire The ruling council of the city values you and your opinions. You are called in to consult on decisions, and your recommendations carry great weight. Your positions may not be an official one, but it’s powerful nonetheless.
Sabbat Survivor 1 Vampire You’ve lived through at least one Sabbat attack and /or attempted recruitment. Your experience helps you anticipate situations where you might potentially be endangered by the Sabbat once again. You are at -1 difficulty on all Perception rolls when it comes to Sabbat based matters. This Merit comes into play most frequently as a means of avoiding ambushes and the like.
Sheriff's Friend 2 Vampire For whatever reason (maybe your winning smile or perhaps just your superb groveling technique), the local head lawman likes you. He’s inclined to overlook your minor trespasses and lets you in on things you’re not supposed to know about. He even gives you warnings about occasional crackdowns and times when the prince isn’t feeling generous. Of course, abusing this connection might well turn a friendly sheriff into an enemy - and the change might not be apparent until it’s too late.
Spirit Sight 4 Supernatural You can see and hear all varieties of spirits, changelings, wraiths and similar entities. This Merit provides all of the advantages granted by the Merit Medium. Like the Medium Merit, Spirit Sight reduces the difficulties of all Spirit magic by two. Nevertheless, this ability is a mixed blessing. Seeing these beings is not a choice; it is a normal part of your vision. You cannot help but see them. Being yelled at by an irate wraith who is shaking her fist in your face can be extremely distracting if you are attempting to hold a conversation with a Sleeper, and it's even worse if you are driving a car in bad weather!
Strength of Shadows 4 Vampire Synopsis:Allows the Lasombra who possesses this Merit to strengthen the shadows he calls so that even daylight will not immediately dispel them.

System: The Strengthened shadows dissipate after four hours in the sun
Notes: ?
Book Ref: Clanbook: Lasombra

Unbondable 3 Vampire You are immune to being blood bound.
Kinfolk 4 Human/Mage/Ghoul/Vampire Synopsis: You are related (Biologically) to a shifter tribe of some type.

System: ?
Notes: Possessed characters do not use this. They purchase the power "Skinchanger Kinship" instead.
Book Ref: ?

Double-Jointed 1 Physical Synopsis: You are atypically limber!

System: -2 difficulty of any dexterity roll involving body flexibility.
Notes: Cannot take Lame flaw.
Book Ref: The Wild West Companion, Pg. 68

Good Right-Left Hook 1 Physical Synopsis: You, Rocky Balboa and Mike Tyson all have one thing in common: you all hit as hard as a brick!!

System: +2 dice to damage for any brawl-based attack.
Book Ref: Hunter Players Guide, Pg. 168

Huge Size 4 Physical Synopsis: You're massive! Possibly over seven feet tall, and 400 pounds in weight.

System: You get one additional health level, and are able to suffer more harm before incapacitated.
Book Ref: Changeling Player's Guide, Pg. 33

Insensible To Pain 5 Physical Synopsis: Hey, crack head! That's a sword that just pierced your gut! Oh. You knew, but you just didn't care. Right then, carry on.

System: You ignore all wound penalties until your character is finally killed.
Book Ref: Mage: The Ascension (revised), Pg. 288

Animal Magnetism 1 Social Synopsis: You have that special kind of way with other people that makes them want to fuck you.

System: -2 difficulty on seduction and similar rolls.
Book Ref: Wild West Companion, Pg. 63

Bruiser 1 Social Synopsis: You look like a straight up thug, and nobody wants to mess with them thugs.

System: -1 difficulty on intimidation rolls for people who haven't bested you in combat.
Book Ref: Guide to the Camarilla, Pg. 73

Coldly Logical 1 Social Synopsis: Your are able to separate fact from fiction by tossing emotionaity out the window.

System: -1 difficulty on any roll to sense deception.
Book Ref: Guide to the Camarilla, Pg. 74

Daredevil 3 Social Synopsis: Like Evil Kenevil, you love taking risks. You're even not-so-much accident prone (anymore)!

System: -2 difficulty on dangerous feats, and you can ignore a single 1 on your roll.
Book Ref: Wild West Companion, Pg. 63

Dual Nature 2 Social Synopsis: You have two natures, each acting together for your betterment.

System: You can choose another nature and regain Willpower from either.
Notes: Set the other nature in a +note.
Book Ref: Vampire Player's Guide, Pg. 4

Enchanting Voice 2 Social Synopsis: You have a beautiful voice that appeases people who listen.

System: +2 to rolls involving your voice and the skills leadership, seduction, singing etc. Depending on circumstance, you may also get +2 dice to rolls involving Presence.
Notes: None.
Book Ref: Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat, Pg. 76

Feral Appearance 1 Social Synopsis: There's something about you that drives woofs wild (the good kind of wild, that they like you. Not the kind involving them wanting to rip your head clean off ... necessarily).

System: +1 to rolls to Appearance when dealing with homid Garou, and you are considered having an extra dot of Charisma among lupus Garou.
Notes: None.
Book Ref: Kinfolk Unsung Heroes, Pg. 54

Friendly Face 1 Social Synopsis: You've got a recognizable face that reminds people of someone else, or simply use it as an excuse to get to know you.

System: -1 difficulty on appropriate social rolls (Seduction, for example, but not intimidation). Only usable on first meeting.
Book Ref: Guide to the Camarilla, Pg. 73

Gall 2 Social Synopsis: You ain't afraid of nobody! You'll tell it like it is, beating down the man's doors and anybody else. You represent!

System: +1 die to any social roll involving a display of backbone.
Book Ref: Kinfolk Unsung Heroes, Pg. 52

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