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“In youth the days are short and the years are long. In old age the years are short and days long.”
Pope Paul VI
Apparent Age: Teens
Date of Birth: October 29th, 1030
Occupation: Unemployed
Clan: Tremere
Former House: Tremere
Demeanor: Sage

  • Old: Miette du Saint-Martin is old. Very old. She is almost 1,000 years old, actually. She was born in October of the Year of Our Lord 1030, in a small hamlet in the south of France.

  • Mage: Miette Awoke at a young age, and was taken in as an apprentice to a local Hermetic. Heljna of House Tremere was a feared and skilled member of the Order of Hermes, and Miette followed in her footsteps. She excelled at Hermetic technique, and was incredibly skilled.

  • Embrace: This was, of course, around the time that the Council was Embracing members of House Tremere, pulling the Mages into the slowly forming 'Clan' of Vampires. This was very recently after the destruction of Saulot and the ascension of Tremere to the Third Generation. She was one of the first Tremere.

  • Goratrix: The bastard Goratrix was put in charge of France for the Clan, and Miette was far too ambitious for him. He had her sent to Ceoris to aid in the Omen War against the Tzimisce so he could continue to screw up his relation with the Templars in silence.

  • War: She was there for the War. She remembers the atrocities committed by both sides, and she did more then a few of them herself. It was during this War, in around 1250, that she was driven into Torpor by an overly ambitious Childer. She was hidden away until her Grandchilder found and released her in 1400.

  • Thornes: Miette was there for the gathering of Hardestadt's hopeful. She remembers the Anarchs causing mayhem, and she still despises what they became. (The Sabbat, for those unaware.) While she wasn't important enough to sign the Treaty herself, she was there for the signing.

  • Torpor: She has had terrible luck. Throughout history she has been driven into Torpor numerous times. She has basically hopscotched through history.

  • Primogen: She ended up awakening in 1900 and moving back to France, where she made a presence of herself in Marseilles. Over the century she rose to prominence as Primogen of Clan Tremere.

  • Unemployed: Rivals made millenia ago finally struck at her, destroying her mortal influence and draining her resources. In the end it was determined to be best for herself and the Chantry if she moved away, and she left the Primogenship to one of her Childer. Now she has come to Prospect of all places, with nearly no influence or money...but a shit-ton of actual knowledge.


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