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"Everyone, dead or alive, comes back to New Orleans. If people can't come back in their lifetimes, they come back when they are dead." - Andrei Codrescu.

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MortalVampireMageChangeling.pngWerewolf WraithDemon "I do not fit them. Most do not fit them. Best to keep an open mind."

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Agate: - Justice tranquille Dame qui aime sa fumée, Quiet Justice of Lady who loves her smoke. Beware her smoke. [1]
Alexander: - Homme brutal mais poli, Brutish but Polite Man.
Amelie: - Dame de Grace et hospitalité, Lady of Grace and Hospitality. Gifted voice of an Angel. Merci for everything, mon amie.
Angie: - Dame de Confidant, Lady Confidant. Talented and charming. I enjoy our conversations, mon amie.
Apone: - Gentilhomme à Mécontentement, Gentleman of Discontent. Alejandro. You cause conflicts of emotions, and brew excellente beer.
Arianna: - Vitesse et talent, Speed and Talent. We could combine our alliances.
Arya: - Reine de la beauté et de la danse, Queen of Beauty and Dance.
Amos: - Homme de mystère, Man of Mystery.
Asheton: - Danseur gentilhomme, Gentleman Dancer.
Aubrey: Reine dansante, the Dancing Queen. Roses of wine, and my apologies Madame. [2]
Benjamin: - Homme jaloux, Jealous man.
Bishop: - Intéressant Dame, Interesting Woman. She learns fast it seems.
Caerus: - Orateur de rime, Speaker Of Rhymes. Perhaps worth listening to his poetry.
Carys: - Dame mystérieuse aux cheveux roux, Fiery Haired Lady of Mystery.
Catherine: Police inspirante femme, Inspiring policewoman.
Champagne - Dame française avec goût, French Lady With Taste. I look forward to wine and cheese at your restuarant.
Chandler: - Le compatissant, Compassionate One. I will aid you as I can.
Chuck: - Amoureux des animaux, Lover Of Animals. Merci for your help and advice.
Cynthia: - Femme intrigante, Intriguing Woman. Dangerous or helpful?
Colin: - Danse Scholar ,Dancing Scholar.
Constance: - Dame de la foi, Lady of Faith. Compassionate, and I find it easy to speak with you.
Daniel: - La photographie artiste, Photography Artist. Talented eye. I share your eye's view.
Dashiel: - Gentilhomme intéressant, Interesting Gentleman. Thank you for your encouraging words.
Dr. Waber: - Reine des abeilles, Queen of Bees.
Dusk: - Homme nouvellement marié, Newly Married Man. Congratulations.
Elena: - Dame froide de l'ombre, Cold Lady of Shadow.
Faith: Intrigin femme policière, Intriguing policewoman.
Guivre: - Un éclairé par les rêves, One Enlighted by Dreams. Man of Magic. [3]
Hailee: - Belle reine de bal, Beautiful Prom Queen.
Hamish: - Appétits sombres, Dark Appetites.
Hayden: - Chanteur ami de New Orleans, Singer From New Orleans. You underestimate yourself.
Heathen: - Homme de neuf vies, Man of Nine Lives. You are like a brother to me, and now I bow to you, but I do so with pride. [4]
Itto: - Excellent hôte, Excellent Host.
Jasen: - Excellents barman incroyable, Incredibly excellent Bartender.
Jolene: - Belle compassion rose, Lovely Compassionate Rose.
Junko: - Dame d'origami, Lady of Origami.
Kasumi: - Compagnon sur le café, Companion over Coffee. Merci for all your help, and work, mon amie.
Key: - Triste enfant perdu, Sad, Lost Child. There will always be food for you at my cafe.
Latona - Dame avec des problèmes spirituels, Lady With Spiritual Problems. I hope I can help you, I enjoy our discussions.
Leon: - Orateur tout droit homme, Man Who Speaks Straight.
Lilian: - Dame de la sagesse, Lady of Wisdom. You seem to know so much, I hope to learn from you, but regardless enjoyable conversations.
Lillian: - Dame calme mais profonde, Quiet, Deep Lady. We could work together to achieve much. [5]
Liraz: - Femme de force, Woman of Strength.
Lleutrim: Policier très honorable, Very Honorable Policeman. He seems interesting as well. Hopefully he will frequent the cafe more often.
Lori: - Esprit de plaisir Dame, Lady with a Spirit of Fun.
Madeline: - Reine des roses, Queen of Roses. We have a mutual love, I respect and admire you.
Mara: - Dame de la tentation, Lady of Temptations. Laura.
Martha: -
Midnight: - Prêtre vaudou, Voodoo Priest.
Milenka: - Sagesse impressionnante, Impressive Wisdom. One who demands respect and receives it. Hers: [6] Mine: [7]
Mitzi: - Docteur en danse, Doctor of Dance.
Miyo: - Dame de saké, Lady of Sake.
Morgan: - Dame serviable et gentille, Helpful and Kind Lady. Tell me how I can repay you, and I shall.
Nicolai: - Homme compétitif - Competitive Man
Nelle: - La dame épingles à cheveux, The Lady of Hair Pins.
Nino: - Pas un social, Not Social One. You make me think. [8]
Phillipe: - Homme intrigant, Intriquing Man. I hope there was no dispute between you and your ami. You are a very interesting man with charming friends.
Phoenix: - Esprit rebel, Rebel Spirit. Mon cher amour. You scare me as much as you excite me. His: [9] Mine: [10]
Raise - Homme de bonne moralité, Man of Higher Morals. I hope we can evoke change.
River 2.0: - Dame avec un pouce vert, Lady with a Green Thumb. I look forward to learning and working with you.
Robert: - Docteur des Reptiles, Doctor of Reptiles.
Sentinel: - La beauté à l'intérieur, Beauty Within. Nell. I see your many faces.
Silvana: - Princesse en attente, Princess In Waiting. Charming.
Sharpe: - Homme d'approvisionnement, Man of Procurement. Smart, powerful and dangerous. Not one to trifle with.
Stryfe: - Sith chevalier, Sith Knight. You let me see into your 'Force'. [11] [12]
Sumter: - Utile homme, Helpful Man. Southern Gentleman.
Sybil Chandler: - Dame impressionnante, Impressive Lady. I hope to learn more from you.
Tabitha: - Ange de la miséricorde, Angel of Mercy. I enjoy our discussions. You should spread your wings.
Thomas: - Nerveux homme, Nervous Man
Vegard: - Maître du métal lourd, The Master of Heavy Metal. Inspiring power. [13]
Vera: - Dame des ténèbres tentations, Lady of Dark Temptations. Best to beware.
Violet: - Dame de l'escalade rapide, Lady of Fast Climbing. She sees what she wants, and goes after it quickly.
Walpurga: - Dame de raffinement, Lady of Refinement. Countess.
Xhosa: - Homme qui aime Gotham Nuits, Man Who Likes Gotham Nights. I enjoy our conversations, and your wit.
Zoe: - Femme de force et d'intrique, Woman of Strength and Intrigue. I have never seen one to down Absinthe like that, and you spark my interest. Your knowledge and words intrigue me.

Adele Sweetheart: - Favorisé par Dieu, Favored by God. I never got to really know you. [14]
Azrael: - Joueur appétits sombres, Gambler Extraordinaire. Bon ami, another Southern Soul from New Orleans. I will take good care of the Plantation. I hope you find your way back to Prospect, you are missed.
Byron - Celui qui ne pouvait pas écouter, One who could not listen. So many chances given to him. Sad.
Celeste. [15] - La dame Blanche, The Lady in White. [16] I will forever be in your debt, and will always be there should you need aid.
Denise: - Le Généreux, Generous One.
Harikumo: - La Nouveau mariée, The New Bride. Kumo. Creative craftswoman, appreciates Cajun cuisine.
JD: - Gardien du zoo, The Zookeeper. Amazing man with animals. I could much learn from this one. Repose en paix ~ you died with honor. You will remembered with respect.
Norm: - Homme qui fait chanter une guitare, Man Who Makes A Guitar Sing. But would not listen, or learn. I hope you find a better life now.
Scavenger - Celui qui ne pouvait pas écouter, One who could not listen. Why could you not? Turned on all, including yourself.
Shiori: - Âme douce, Gentle Soul. Has strength in her.

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RP Hooks

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Singer, musician, songwriter, and business owner originally from New Orleans, Louisiana

Is known as a supporter of Law Enforcement, and First Responders

Has a little black cat named Harvy

Owner of Vieux Carre, Bourbon And Bedlam, and Whispers Of Widow Paris

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Mikael's Theme Song

The Wrong Side Of Heaven [17]

A Life Story In Song

Mikael's Soundtrack

Current list

Friction [18]

Bulletproof [19]

Killing Strangers [20]

The Chain [21]

House Of The Rising Sun [22]

This Is Why We Bleed [23]

The Way You Hate Me [24]

Widow Paris [25]


Hail To The King [26]

The Pain Is Still Mine [27]

Every Day Is Exactly The Same [28]

Come Together [29]

Jesus Forgive Me [30]

In Hell I'll Be In Good Company[31]

Vampire Song (remix French) [32]

I've Got Blood On My Name [33]

Last One Alive [34]

Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake [35]

The Day That Never Comes [36]

Special Dedication to Someone Playlist

"You deserve someone who does not ask you to lessen your roar, who is in awe of the magnitude by which your passion burns. You deserve someone who will only ever want to add to your fire, someone who will use their own matchstick heart to encourage your passion — to magnify your flame."

You're Only Lonely [37]

Gone With The Sin [38]

How Deep Is Your Love [39]

Wings Of A Butterfly [40]

I Do It For You [41]

Music Of The Night [42]

Jóga [43]

La Vie En Rose (*in French) [44][45]

Take Me To Church [46]

"You alone can make my song take flight ~ Help me make the music of the night"


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