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Mikhael Kharov
Information Snapshots


Name: Mikhael Kharov bani Bonisagus
Age: 26
Height: 6'2
Weight: 180
Hair & Eye Color: Brown and Grey
Occupation: Martian


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Corax Kinfolk

Story Hooks Quotes

» Martian: Ever been to Doissetep? Oh, man, it was great. .63 Earth gravity, and even that you could turn off when you wanted. The John Carter hivemind invasions could be a problem, but you haven't swum til you've swum in a Martian canal. Too bad it got smashed. Hey, we should go back some time, check out the ruins of empire.

» Hermetic: As in, from conception. Misha is hopelessly mired in the Hermetic paradigm. He doesn't always like being so bone-deep infused with the Order, but it's a part of him and he'll usually stand with his people.

» Greybeard: In attitude, not in years. You know when the dwarves are being dumbasses and Gandalf pulls out the attitude? Misha can get that way. Some people find this charming, which is even more annoying to him.

» Bird: Mikhael's in the process of adopting a raven he's getting to know in a park. You might see him coaxing the thing some time.

» Languages: We spoke lots of them on Mars. Polyglots are always welcome.

» Technocracy: Mikhael and a Void Engineer owe one another a mutual lifedebt dating back to the fall of Doissetep. He's well-disposed towards individual Technocrats who're tolerant of reality deviants. Fuck the Ascension War: You guys have made a good world for the sleepers. Just let us keep our dreams.

» Ritual: Mikhael does a lot of 'magic' that doesn't involve Arete rolls. Ritual upkeep is a regular thing with him. Little of it is actually supernatural; it's all about Paradigm reinforcement. If you want to get a little weird religion, he'll be glad to help you out.


RP Logs

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