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== Noteable Stats ==


Way With Words: Language is a finely honed tool for you. Not a blunt instrument. You are able to create exactly the effect you want by choosing your words carefully, in both written and verbal communication. Gain two dice on any Expression roll that involves words.

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  • Brohain: passion, inspiration, all that's good. I know this now.
  • Chandler: So many layers beneath the surface
  • Miyo: My dancing buddy.
  • Denise: We work well together.
  • Itto: There is a great depth beneath his respectful polite manner.
  • Seth: A sneaky one, but we laugh a lot together.
  • Azrael: It's complicated, but I forgive him.
  • Gloria: Beautiful, smart and wise.
  • Brandon: So much more than I first thought
  • Tabitha: She helps the community, I'm looking forward to helping her.
  • Dusk: He's a chill guy.
  • Steele: He's actually much more than what you might expect.
  • November: I'm glad that I have enough insight to know not to underestimate her abilities
  • Dmitri: My first time haggling, and I got a $5 discount, I'm thrilled.
  • Lori: I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.
  • Benjamin: I was drawn to him when I first met him, and I know there's a reason.
  • Wilder: Delicious honey balls! Try them!

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Race: Human
Full name: Dr. Mitzi de Rosales, PhD
Nationality: Philippine and Native American
Occupation: Doctor Psychiatrist Intern and Prop Dancer
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Confidant
Apparent Age: Late-Twenties
Height: 5"6'
Theme Songs: Hold My Heart Curiosity Pain

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Mitzi de Rosales

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"Helping Lives Bloom: First Gala"


-Testimonies from the Family/Family Sponsorship

-Art Auction/Catered Dinner and Family Entertainment

-Alcohol after dinner/Raunchy Entertainment

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RP Hooks
  • Psychology: Mitzi is a psychiatrist intern. She is working on her doctorate, and getting hours to be fully licensed. She needs patients! She can't prescribe medication, but she can offer all sorts of therapy.
  • Photography: Mitzi likes to take pictures of all sorts of things and people, and she has a pretty good eye for it.
  • Dancing: Mitzi is a prop dancer, which means she dances with feathers, fans, scarves, hula hoops, just about anything you can imagine! However, she doesn't do sharp objects or fire. That's....just crazy.
  • Curiosity: Mitzi has quite a curious nature. She wants to learn more about people, and is especially interested in odd things.

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Played By: Cassie Ventura