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“I felt like an animal, and animals don’t know sin, do they?”

-Jess C. Scott, Wicked Lovely


Appearance Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Charisma Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Manipulation Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Dancing Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Calligraphy Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Meditation Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Subterfuge Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Streetwise Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Lore Spirit Fpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Rituals Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Brawl Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Rites Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Resources Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Nushi Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png

Iron Mountain Fpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Flesh Shintai Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Yin Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Yang Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Hun Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
P'o Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Dharma Fpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Willpower Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Banality Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Prayer For Taking Life
Trace the Dragon's Blood
Hunted (Shih)
Demon Form
None Yet

Miyako/Soundtrack Miyako/Filler

Demure No More
Name: (Original) Masumai Hanto; (Current) Masumai Miyako
Ethnicity: Japanese
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Affiliation: Laughing Rainbows
Official Job: Unemployed
Cause of Death: Seppuku

Miyako was born in 1615 in Tokyo. He was the youngest son of a Daimyo, and much was expected of him. However, he was no warrior, and was a shame to his family. He was feminine and more interested in art and philosophy and reading then in fulfilling his familial duty. Still, he married and bore children, and in truth he really loved his young wife. His Father-In-Law, however, was a drunken brute of a man, and he beat and abused Miyako often.

In self-defense one day, he stabbed the Daimyo, ending his life. To keep the shame from his family, he committed ritual suicide. He was twenty two years old.

There Be Monsters Here
Race: Kuei-Jin
Dharma: Thrashing Dragons
Direction: East
Chi Balance: Yang
Number: 3
Court: Autumn Lotus
Wu: None

Reborn Through Blood
Upon his death, he was sentenced to Kakuri, a lightless, honorless void of ice and snow. He spent several centuries there, doing his damndest to survive in a horrible place. Eventually he could take it no more, and in a frenzy of desperation he tore through two guards, and escaped through one of the hidden exits.

He wound up in 19th century Japan, and once he was beaten into submission, he joined the Laughing Dragons. Finally able to enjoy his original interests, he joined the Laughing Rainbows, taking on a female lifestyle and persona. She married wealthy men who fancied that sort of wife, and when they died she would take the money and move on to another. Meanwhile, she took in every form of exuberance and decadence, finding meditation in release. Centuries passed, and while she did not advance along her Dharma, she fully discovered who she was.

Now she has come to America, joining the Great Push Outward.


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