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The Dark One
Full Name: Emily Warren
Birthdate: October 31st, 1992
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Hometown: Lancaut, England
Occupation: Veterinarian/Witch
Demeanor: Conniver

Tradition: Verbena
Faction: Twisters of Fate
Essence: Primordial
Reborn In Darkness

  • Upbringing. 'Emily', as she was named at birth, had a somewhat unique upbringing. She was born in the ruins of Lancaut, an abandoned medieval township on the border between England and Wales. The town is little more then a few ruins these days, but in truth hide many more ruins beneath the earth. A cult of Shadow Court Changelings and Kinain, along with a few very dark Hedge Magicians, operate there as a sort of cult. Her father was a Sidhe of House Balor, while her mother was a dark hedge witch.

  • Reborn. The cult had planned for Emily's birth for many years, waiting for the proper alignment of planets and stars, along with omens of the seasons. When Emily was born the sages saw that what they wanted had come to pass. Emily was the reborn soul of Morgaine, or Morganna, or Morgan le Faye, the enchantress of Arthurian Myth.

  • Destiny She was raised within the cult until she was thirteen. She was trained in numerous skills and lores that would aid her in her new life, reborn on this Earth. The cult knew that one night she would bring about a new dark epoch...or something. They didn't really -tell- her her destiny, other then letting her know she had one. Something to do with the rebirth of Arthur, however.

  • America. She left for America at thirteen, after being provided with basic cash and clothing, and a new identity, as she's never -legally- been born in England. She was already skilled in the wild, and for awhile she survived by hunting or stealing. Meanwhile, she continued to move west.

  • Awakening. Eventually she ended up in the American southwest, where deprivation in the wild after a serious storm left her on the brink of death. This is when her Past Life and Avatar manifested, both incarnations of Morgan le Faye, and they opened her eyes. Using her new abilities, she was guided to the home of an ancient Twister of Fate, who took her under her wing.

  • Training. She spent years under the tutelage of the old crone. It was under her that she met her other student, and older girl by the name of Eloise. The two never really -hated- eachother, but they were like night and day.

  • Life. At the age of eighteen she left her training, and went off to get the proper schooling needed to pursue life as a veterinarian. She was a natural with medicine and animals, and it also offered plenty of sacrifices and other foci. Now she's come to Prospect, seeking both Eloise, as well as a new beginning, and more information on her destiny.



Paramore - Ignorance

I'm a bad person, you don't like me
Well I guess I'll make my own way
It's a circle
A mean cycle
I can't excite you anymore
Where's your gavel? Your jury?
What's my offense this time?
You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me
Well sentence me to another life

Don't wanna hear your sad songs
I don't wanna feel your pain
When you swear it's all my fault
Cause you know we're not the same (no)
We're not the same (no)
Oh we're not the same
Yeah the friends who stuck together
We wrote our names in blood
But I guess you can't accept that the change is good (hey)
It's good (hey)
It's good

Miracle of Sound - Redemption Blues

No man can truly outlast
All the mistakes of his past
There's no haven here for me
That's safe from my memories

But when your borrowed time is through...

I'll be with you
Redemption blues

And justice ain't no lady
She's a twisted, battered whore
She's laying bruised and naked
On a bloodstained wooden floor

Our days are over
Times have changed around these parts
There ain't no more cowboys
Only men with violent hearts

The Awakened
None - None.

None - None

The Strange Ones
None - None

With Open Eyes

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