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Achakana Blake

"The world will never have lasting peace so long as men reserve for war the finest human qualities. Peace, no less than war, requires idealism and self-sacrifice and a righteous and dynamic faith."

Date of Birth: February 18th, 1972
Apparent Age: Late Thirties
Occupation: Power-Broker/Financier
Nationality: African
Legal Status: Legal
Demeanor: Caregiver

Zulu: "Achakana was born in Kwazulu-Natal, the Zulu Kingdom created to house the tribe during the beginning of Apartheid. He spent his very early years as a member of the tribe, caring little for the outside world."

Apartheid: "At eleven he went outside of Kwazulu for the first time with his family, to visit a nearby city. It was there that he witnessed the racial issues for the first time, and he became enraged. He ended up joining an anti-Apartheid movement that was rather violent, fighting back against the oppression tooth and nail."

Prison: "Achakana was arrested for his part in a violent attack at the age of fourteen. He was sentenced to prison. He spent six years in horrible conditions...though it was there that he met an older man, who began to teach him. This African was brilliant and charismatic, and he saw a fire within the youth that could be stoked to good things."

Education: "Achakana learned a lot from the man. He turned out to have a real head for Economics, both Micro and Macro. The man educated him in everything from math to classical literature, and instilled in him a heroic, idealistic want to change the world for the better."

Release: "Achakana was released at the end of Apartheid in 1994, unlike many of his kinsmen. He immediatly began to work, and he also drew the attention of the Syndicate. They have always been in Africa, but were beginning to get out of their colonial ideals and to recruit Africans. He was brought in as a Citizen, aiding the Syndicate in the African dealings with the Chinese."

Enlightenment: "Achakana took the surname of the man who taught him, Blake Edwards, becoming Achakana Blake. Recently, he also became Enlightened. He's been one of the Enlightened for two years now, and while he has a lot to learn about Enlightened Science, he's proven to be a true boon for the Convention."

Prospect: "The Syndicate decided a year ago that Achkana's skills were needed in the Americas, and he was sent to Boston to help with several accounts. Once he closed them, he was assigned to Prospect, where he now resides."

Songs To Live By

His Soul

People! I like people!

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