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Ms. Black

"I have my orders."

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Mage "Uninhibited efforts to alter the Pattern Web violate the Consensus and threaten the Weaver's directives."
Vampire "Unchanging, yet imperfect. Some serve Us and improve upon themselves. Most do not."
Werewolf "They understand certain truths about Us. Some serve Us. The majority resist in a misguided effort to either 'save' the world or destroy it."
Mortal "Humans are the Weaver's most valued subjects. We have a responsibility to defend them from threats, though some must be sacrificed."
Changeling "Status: Termination Favorable. We believe them to be extradimensional entities infiltrating the Pattern Web. They should be purged."
Demon "The Technocratic classification of extra-dimensional parasites appears to be true. Their claim of being the world's designers insults the Weaver."
The Restless Dead "They are no longer at one with the Pattern Web, no longer human. Eliminate where possible, ignore when necessary."
Ms. Black/Contacts

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RP Hooks
Accessing Technocratic Research Database 31-B...

Connecting to Union Network ...
Security scans complete.
Connected. Begin message input.

    From: Research Professor Simon Remington

At the risk of sounding overly enthusiastic, I'm quite thrilled by the opportunity to disseminate this report. You may be aware that a Technocratic employee, Yuriko Black, was recently determined to have been abducted and altered at some point by extradimensional entities. A brief consult of our databases indicates that these entities were likely what the metamorph Reality Deviants refer to as Weaver-spirits, wholly Static in nature.

Ms. Black (the name she now insists be used) was assigned to me for scientific study. I have conducted various experiments designed to assess her physical and mental status. Most fascinating is the fact that, no matter the extent to which the experiments have gone, Ms. Black has been quite compliant. She claims to now be an "attache" to the Union assigned by the Weaver. An ally, in other words, though one gets the sense that this isn't the entire story.

Physical assessment reveals that the alterations made to Ms. Black's body during her abduction were extensive. She exhibits extraordinary strength and most especially agility. I've witnessed her perform feats of dexterity which would make our cyborgs envious, without any apparent physiological changes to explain these capabilities. Her strength alone should demand a superhuman physique, yet she appears exactly as she always has.

In an attempt to explain these new physical abilities, I conducted a dissection with Ms. Black's consent. Previously imperceptible hardening of the skin made infiltration difficult. There were no apparent internal changes, but the task of examination was challenging because incisions began to mend shut with "filaments" nearly as soon as they were made. This once again reminds me of metamorph Deviants and their ability to heal, although I believe her capacity to do so is superior. I've witnessed her body rapidly restore limbs and organs in their entirety, identical in every way to whatever was extracted. Cellular examination suggests that her natural aging process may have ceased entirely.

Ms. Black was given experimental cybernetic claws fashioned from adamantium prior to her abduction. It appears that these implants have since been integrated as a permanent part of her body, as they regenerate along with the surrounding flesh and bone. Even simple removal of certain portions of the implant triggers regeneration of the implant itself. This is a remarkable integration of biological and technological elements, something worth further study in the future.

Psychologically, Ms. Black's personality largely fails to adhere to the previous profile taken at the time of her employment. She is, for lack of better words, somewhat cold and logical. It's apparent that she was given some specific directives to carry out on our plane, one of which was to serve as an attache to the Union in confronting Reality Deviant threats. Further inquiries into her purposes were met with silence. There are indications that she may be in a type of telepathic gestalt with other Weaver-type entities, but I was unable to localize or penetrate any involved broadcast frequencies.

Perhaps most interesting have been my observations of abilities Ms. Black has demonstrated. I would have to term these Deviant abilities, as some would require considerable use of Extraordinary Science to replicate. She exhibits multiple levels of altered perception atypical to the human brain. Her visual abilities are enhanced and can perceive the world in multiple formats. Manipulation of computer systems appears to be possible by touch. On one occasion, when I attempted an uninvited incision, she threw me back by generating a strong electrical field. These are simply the abilities she has willingly shown me.

Given her status as a literal manifestation of Static reality, as well as her declaration that she was assigned to assist the Technocratic Union, I suggest that we continue to utilize her as a Union asset. This is something of an exception to our typical rules, yet to do otherwise would waste a remarkable resource already loyal (so far as I can tell) to our cause.

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Ms. Black

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Date of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: Attache to the Technocratic Union / War-Drone
Convention: None
Faction: Technocracy / Weaver


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Notable Stats

Strength Fdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.png
Dexterity Fdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.png

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  • Adamantium Finger-Claws (organically integrated)
  • Gyrojet Pistol
  • Knowledge of Various Weapons
  • Extensive Martial Arts Capabilities

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