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Nafrit al-Amun moved to Prospect at the tail end of 2013. She works with antiquities with a specialty in Egyptian artifacts and has settled into working a job at a local museum. Though she also has additional work that she does on the side.

Those looking for information of a rare sort, whether translations of an ancient text or perspective on a magically inclined matter, may find themselves directed to the woman as she comes to town with a bit of a reputation among certain circles. One could think of her as a modern day sage.

Though those with knowledge of the supernatural can get word of her as having a history of discretion in such matters, she has not shown much interest in finding the supernatural to interact with of her own doing. Hers has been a relatively quiet, scholarly live to all appearances.

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Karson - Give a girl a fish and she eats for a day. Give her a fisherman and she might love for a life time.

Ferdinand - Such a nice beginning, but your outburst worries me.

Cig - Unexpected place to find a pleasant conversation.

Claudia - Another lover of languages!

Stella - Interesting woman at a book store. We seem to have some things in common

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Nafrit al-Amun
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Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Sage for hire
Race: Mage
Played By: Emanuela de Paula


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RP Hooks
  • Sage for those in need of knowledge
    • Can supply rare ancient or arcane knowledge for a plot
  • All things Egypt
    • Egyptology. Want to know about that family heirloom?
    • Egyptian Languages.
    • Maybe you're from Egypt?
  • Magic
    • Maybe she notices something you do.
    • Maybe you notice something she does.

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