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Natalie Matthews



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Natalie H./Stereotypes

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Hunter M Hunter1.jpg -- No words can describe how important you are to me.

Clarisse -- I'm so glad you're here and we've met!

Jindulu -- Heart Sister! Seeing you again makes me happy.

August -- (Very) Cautiously curious about you.

Sparrow -- Just.... WOW! I like you!

Viator -- Take care of her and we'll be fine.

Kenji -- You're a great fighter.

Niccia -- I like you. Would like to know you better.

Jake -- You're like a brother. It's good to have old friends in new places.

Giselle -- You're good for Jake and you are a wonderful friend. We should spend more girl time together!

George -- I like you. Thank you for such a warm welcome.

Journey -- You have been very nice and welcoming. Thank you.

Nathaniel -- Cautious curiosity. We'll have to see what happens in the future.

Faith -- I like you. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Dragomir -- It was great to fight along side you.

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The first thing most people notice about this young woman is her height. She stands a few inches over six feet tall. Her complexion is a light

brown shade that speaks wordlessly of a mixed heritage. Her eyes are large and wide-spaced. The color is a striking hazel with thick lashes to frame them. Her right eyebrow has a scar running through it, giving her a quirky break in that eyebrow. Her nose is slender with just a little flare at the end and her lips are full and soft looking. Her face has an almost angular look to it with a high forehead and narrow chin. Her hair, a dark chocolate brown, nearly black with thick curls framing her face. It falls halfway down her back, even when curly.

Her build is long and lean. Many would call her wiry though she is not thin and weakly. She is clothed in simple clothing. A pair of comfortable fitting jeans encase the lower part of her body. Hanging from one belt loop is a grey rabbit's foot key ring. A spaghetti strap tank in a medium blue covers her upper body, following the lines of her slender body closely without clinging to tight. The wide neck allows a thin band of what appears to be tribal art inked in black along her right collarbone to be seen. Hanging from her neck and down under the neckline of her tee is a gold chain, though the pendant on it is not visible.

A pair of sleek black boots with low heels protect her feet. When she's out in the cold she wears a black leather coat to protect her from the elements. It has a hood that she uses when the weather is particularly bad.

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Natalie H.

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Name: Natalie Sherry Matthews (Formerly Hayes)

Marital Status: Happily Married (recently) to Hunter Matthews

Tribe: Swara

Type: Maltese Cheetah

Faction: Bastet

Priyo: Daylight

Birthdate: February 1, 1994

Apparent Age: Early to Mid 20's

Height: TALL - 6 ft 5 in

Weight: 120lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Demeanor: Thrill Seeker

Occupation: Artist - Sculptor

Actor: Ajiona Alexus

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RP Hooks

Wants to learn to surf!

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Notable Facts
Natalie H./Notable Facts

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Ask her. She's not afraid to talk about herself. Just don't expect to learn everything at once.

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Natalie H./Soundtrack

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