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“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

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Camarilla The Camarilla: "A good old boy's club for vampires."
Sabbat The Sabbat: "These guys may have killed my sire. If the Camarilla hunt people - they hunt us. WTF? Don't they get it that we're all in this together? All children of the first vampire? If they come after me looking for a fight - I'll give them a war."
Independent The Independents: "I have no problem with people who just want to do their own thing. More power to them."
Brujah The Brujah: "Mobsters? Thugs? Dunno - never met one."
Gangrel The Gangrel: "Not sure if I fit in with them. Everyone keeps saying they're the Clan of Beasts but I'm not like that."
Nosferatu The Nosferatu: "Creepy guys from what I'm told."
Toreador The Toreador: "Two words: Day-um."
Tremere The Tremere: "Vampire. Wizard. Two kinds of awesome in one."
Ventrue The Ventrue: "Kings of the Blood?"
Baali The Baali: "Infernal Vampires? Sounds like a movie on Syfy."
Demon Demons: "Wait - so there are REAL demons out there?"
Werewolf "Now we have Werewolves out there too? What's next...a friggen Mummy?"
Mage "Mage...magic? So there are -real- witches out there?" And his world is broken yet again. "Ok...with all this magic out there - who the HELL does a guy gotta blow to get some?"

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  • Aidan: Very cool dude. He seems to get what I'm going through and isn't trying to make me into something I'm not.
  • Arec: Interesting kinda guy - way different ideas on what constitutes ethics.
  • Baxter: This guy is half Chuck Norris and half John Wayne. How cool is that?
  • Brick: Captain America is kinda spooky and usually angry when drunk. Do not approach with alcohol.
  • Foster: Officially freaked the hell out. Thank you.
  • Madeline: So she -really- wants to help me out. Not sure if there's anything in it for her or if she's just enjoying the diversion.
  • Sebastion: Creepy. Sophisticated. Eerie. In short: Cool.
  • Van: Wanted to eat me. Not sure I like the sound of that.

The Fallen

  • Aeric: Seems like an interesting guy; one of the first people that took an interest in helping me.

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RP Hooks


Never does not remember anything prior to his embrace. On occasion he will blurt out some snippet of information from his past but he's never quite sure if it's from -HIS- past or just -A- past. He has made comments like, "If I don't come back in five minutes - burn my journals" - suggesting that he, possibly, was a journal-keeper prior to his embrace. Since his arrival in the city he has shown some degree of manners and civility when dealing with others of a higher station - suggesting that he knew how to comport himself in professional society. Maybe his parents were something important? Professors? Politicians?

Out of Towner

Recently arrived from Las Vegas.


His sire left him when they were back in Vegas and he has no idea where he is or if he'll ever see him again. His sire, a guy named Joey, told Never that it wasn't safe for either of them in Vegas - that the Sabbat was after them and that they would have to split up for a while. Joey would lead them away and let Never escape the city. He's not seen his sire since three nights after his embrace.


He is still quite new to a lot of things about vampire society and life. He has raised questions about the ethics of killing humans - citing that he's only killed once so far but he has no problem with letting drug dealers, pimps and other such unsavory sorts die. When asked why he has such a disconnected appreciation for human life he raised the question, "If humans are not cattle - then why do we call them a herd?"

  • The Crypt: It's a goth-industrial punk bar but it's not too bad. Ya can meet some interesting people there.
  • Babylon: Anything and I mean -ANYTHING- can happen there.

Never was once burned by a cross either before or during his embrace and ever since he has been terrified of their power. He believes himself to be cursed or under a curse. Vampirism isn't a disease that you catch it's a curse that is laid upon you. Now he has started to come to grips with what this curse has given him and what it's taken from him and so far he's been able to deal with it. One of the benefits from the amnesia brought on by his embrace is that he doesn't, exactly, know what he's missing.


Never is older than he looks. Unfortunately his looks peg him to be in his mid to late teens and he'll probably hold onto the baby face for a long time. So he constantly has to pull out his ID to get into places and even then most people think he's carrying a fake.


Never's Sire operated out of Las Vegas about a month ago. There he was on the run from the sabbat and was, apparently, embracing people right and left to create a small group of loyal foot soldiers to help protect him against the war parties. Eventually, if the stories can be believed, he asked the Giovanni for assistance in leaving Vegas but when given their options he decided to go his own way. He then managed to embrace a member of the Giovanni family, a ghoul only days before he was caught by the Sabbat. The Giovanni, unamused for his transgression against their family, turned a blind eye to his call for aid and let the Sword have him. It is thought that Joseph, Never's Sire, and most of his progeny were put to final death as of the first of the month. However, there are rumors that not all of his children were killed and that some might still be on the run.

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Never was originally named Nevel and from Ohio but his parents moved to Las Vegas when he was 14. It was a new town. A place of bright lights, big money and lots of ways to get into trouble. When his friends were sneaking into bars and such - he was never able to get in because he always looked too young. When they were breaking into places to steal something for some extra cash, he was never invited along because he was so thin they thought he couldn't pull his weight. His parents constantly fought over money and things and he was routinely reminded that he would Never amount to anything, never get into a good school, etc. etc. etc. Over and over again, he was told that he would Never be anything. After a while the name stuck.

One weekend during his senior year, he decided to do something that people told him he would never be able to do. He snuck into a club. It was one of the darker bars off the strip in Vegas. There he met a guy who looked to be in his mid-twenties. The guy, Joey, said he was a bouncer and that Never needed to get out of the club. Never refused but the guy was stupidly strong for his size. There was something to the guy's voice that said he wasn't trying to be a dick but was actually trying to help him out. Joey asked who he was, what he was doing at the bar and what he wanted. Never explained by giving his 'new name' and saying that he never wanted to end up like everyone around him. He never wanted to grow old, never wanted to die, or be one of those lifeless, grey people he always saw around the city. No life in them at all. Joey told him to be careful what he wished for.

The bar was a Blood Bar - a place for vampires to hunt in the city. That night, a few minutes after Joey had thrown Never out, the sabbat attacked it with a few fire bombs and shot the place up to be sure. Joey was out back of the club making sure that Never was going to actually leave when they came. Rather than turning to run when the first bottles of flaming napalm hit the building, Joey ran back inside to help and for some reason he couldn't ever understand - Nevel went in with him.

The fire stopped anyone from leaving through the front, and the spray of bullets peppered anyone who was near the door. While the two of them were helping people out the back door, the sabbat had made the circle around the block and were now tossing firebombs to close the exit. When fire blocked the door, it was Never who grabbed a bucket of ice from behind the bar to douse them and clear a path. And for his act of bravery he was shot twice through the chest by one of the gunmen as they drove by. He fell to the ground as though someone cut his strings and everything seemed to go black.

His embrace was quick. His sire, a Gangrel anarch named Joey, only met with him for an hour before he had made up his mind to change Never's life forever. His quick thinking had saved Joey's life and the life of a few other vampires in the club. Joey was not just a gangrel, he was at one time part of the Sabbat; a city gangrel. However, being unbondable by their blood, he eventually fled his birth pack and was hiding in Vegas.

Never's first memory since the embrace has been the first memory he can recall; waking up in what felt like a cool blanket and then realized he was covered in dirt. He was only buried a few inches below the surface but it was enough to freak him out a little. He spent only three nights with his sire - enough to get him past the shaky first few steps and then Joey vanished. Joey called his cellphone to tell him that Vegas wasn't safe for either of them and that he was going to try and get rid of the people who were after him. His sire recommended that he had to California and that he would be in touch when he could.

That was four weeks ago.

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RP Goals
Lostboys-01.jpg     The Lost Boys are officially started. We have a haven and at least 2.5 members so far. Woot!
LogoVTESAuspex.gif     Auspex: Never really wants to learn how to accentuate his natural senses. He has heard how vampires are able to hear sounds few others would detect or be able to see things others would miss. He does have his own ability to see in the dark but it's difficult to hide.
LogoVTESObtenebration.gif     Obtenebration: Never once saw a vampire seemingly conjure darkness out of the nothing that was around them. The darkness reached out and grabbed for him as though it were alive. Ever since he wanted to see exactly how that vampire did it.
Antediluvian.png     Dominate: Vampires, throughout almost every representation that Never has seen, have the ability to hypnotize people into doing what they want. How handy would this be in an unlife?

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Notable Facts
Burning-cross-01.jpg     Fear of Crosses

After being burned by a cross either right before or during his embrace, he's been deathly afraid of them. Whenever he sees someone with one he'll steer clear of them.

Ghoul-bry-01.jpg     Bry Martin

Bry is a 22 year old college student at the local university and Never's daytime helper.

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Lost Boys - Lost in the Shadows
Here comes the night
The bedroom in shadows
I don't know where it's coming from
But I, I keep moving on
Till the darkest thought makes me want to try these wings

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