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Vamp-skull-01 "Stranger in a strange land. I cannot conform to any one voivodate. This one shall be mine even if my only servants are the leleks. They are generally more trustworthy than the mob." Oldtzimisce

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Vampires: Overall an untrustworthy lot. Some worse than others. The Camarilla are at once the most civil and the most likely to stab you in the back. I certainly have no interest in pledging fealty to vampires centuries younger than I. The howling dogs of the Sabbat are certainly onto something with the coming of Gehenna, but mass murder of unbelievers only makes the eventual subjugation of Cainites and kine more likely. The Anarchs had the right idea to rebel agaisnt their elders throwing them as distractions to the burning times, but now they have nothing significant left to rebel against and so they simply look for shock value. Horror eventually draws attention. Let them have their war. I will seek my own fate.

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Silvana So much lore in one place. There must be more to her than the mundane.

Harikumo You don't need to be afraid of me, but maybe you should.

Vera Asking nothing, risking everything. I could be more than a sedative. I could be your world. [1]

Kazimir A voivode displaced from Moravia. It must pain him to go from absolute authority over his voivodate to a smaller demesne where none of his servants are of the blood. An excellent host.

Lili She seems such a delicate flower. A revenant with fealty to Kazimir. A delicious refreshment.

Willow What strange creature wanders into my barn. You intrigue me. Stay.

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RP Hooks
Sage: Nezhana has spent centuries collecting supernatural lore to understand the world around her and the dark things that inhabit it. You may find her briefly at places where old books are sold.

The Arts: Nezhana is not particularly fond of television. When she isn't reading, one might glimpse her at a ballet, an opera, or a play. These things remind her of her childhood.

Agriculture: She owns horses and a peach orchard north of Vista, California. She occasionally surfaces for supplies.

Tzimisce: If you are over 800 years old you may remember Nezhana as the scholar and sage of Byelobog, 'The White God.'

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Koldunic Sorcery
Way of Earth *


Way of Spirit WayOfSpirit.jpg

Way of Sorrow WayOfSorrow.jpg

Invoke The Greater Sign of Power StoneWitch.jpg

Beast That Feeds on Dreams BeastThatFeeds.jpg

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CLAN: Old Clan Tzimisce

FACTION: Autarkis

HAVEN: Orchard North of Vista, CA.



ABOUT THE PLAYER: user:faqirah

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Kristine Niles

(Farm Veterinarian)




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