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This is the story of a young woman distraught. Nicole Samhaim was a depressed young girl. In her 18th year her life was twisted to a point of breaking. Left with no friends and a broken home where she was beaten and abused as regularly as ignored she was frequently stalked by the local police force for truancy, theft and breaking & entering at her parents behest. She was heavily medicated with anti-depressants from the wear of the world on her mentality. Her life used to be fun enough....friends in school, nights out, warm family nights... then her father died. It lead to her family having to move to a new city. Her mother found a new husband who slowly poisoned their lives, bringing violence and drugs to the once stable home. Then he made his move on Nicole. Taking away her innocence and beating her mercilessly, trying to train her like her now subdued mother.

One night she found her way to the roof of the school with a fancy knife her father had left her, she had kept it hidden as a last memento. To make sure the job was done complete and proper she took a heavy dose of her medications, and with fading consciousness, she drew the edge across her wrists. As her body collapsed it fell from the edge of the roof tumbling down before her life ended.

In that moment, struggling from the abyss the dark angel Ariel was fighting, clawing her way through the binding chains of oblivion to make her way into the world. Nicole's plight and flickering life called to the fallen angel and she was there in a moment. She tore the bonds that held her and flew to the body, and as the girl impacted the ground, the fallen possessed the twisted vessel. Unfortunately for the Fallen the stress of the situation and the horrid shock to the body had caused a twist to the her memory. She could remember nothing, the body took over and she now walks as an amnesiac. Her true identity only a whisper in the back of her mind now.

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RP Hooks



-Some might notice Nicole's bruises or scars and have a call for concern.

-Some might remember Nicole's art being hosted in the news a while back as well as her shy bio that was taken along with it. (Fame 1)

-Some might notice Nicole drawing and wish to watch or talk to her.

-Nicole is interested in the occult as well as some dark side culture items. Invitations to events surrounding them might be accepted with glee.

-Nicole will take almost any excuse to get away from her house as a happy escape.

-Nicole has a record and might be followed by police, or perhaps have a truancy report filed for her.

-Nicole has the Youthful Appearance flaw and might be considered suspicious in many places due to her young looks.


-Nicole is mildly aware of Ariel and is still confused about the Fallen situation.

-Ariel had a reputation in the war as being quite deadly, some might learn of her transition to this world and seek her out for better or worse.

-In losing her memories Ariel has lost the bloodthirsty edge that made her seem like death upon shadowed wings, this might be the perfect time to convince her of her evil ways before she resumes them.

-She has reclaimed her scythe as a deadly weapon known as a subtle knife with the aid of Kaylin and Wyatt. It's current form is a wooden fountain pen.


-Ariel was a skilled fighter and an echo of that has transitioned to Nicole without her knowing.

-Ariel has the demon lore of death and could be useful in a fight later

-Nicole has learned to be quite sneaky and stealthy in her times getting away from her house, a good sneaky teen is always useful.

-Nicole has a good knowledge of medicine and might come in handy some time.

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Mortal Stats

Name: Nicole Samhain Date of Birth: 01/14/1995 Apparent Age: 15-16

Fallen Stats

Name: Ariel House: Slayer Faction:None yet/Faustian

Neutral Stats

Current Torment: 4 Current Willpower: 5 Current Faith: 3 Current Legacy: 1 Current Paragon: 1

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Fallen Form

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Ariel has Eminence 3 and Famous Liege.

During the war Ariel served as one of the main defenders of the shadow lands, standing at the gates to hold back the betrayers under the command of Charon himself. She used her shadowed hand to take the souls of many as well as swinging her mighty scythe to unmake those in her way. She gained alot of reputation as a rather deadly figure.

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