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Niko is a Scotish Gypsy from the city of Glasgow. He is also an agent of the Institute, an organization currently seeking players to staff it, agents, as well as other RP opportunities to link players together for some OOCly friendly, yet IC-ly intense RP.

Nikodin's sister, Clarissa, disappeared a bit more than a month ago - I am seeking a player to replace her within the next several weeks, else she be made into an NPC for Plot Devices.

Niko could use more Family, in particular, gypsies and Ravnos, and even familial Rivals such as Dunsirn Family!

Always friendly towards any kind of vampire RP. Nikodin is first and foremost a vampire *hunter,* addicted to vampire vitae.

As I had been asked before, I will not engage in any Player Killing, unless it is a closed plot without negative consequences that could end up in risk escalation. I will need a convincing reason to kill. This would be done only as a favor of retiring a character in 'style' and with a blaze of glory.

I will, however, engage in the Hunt with a pleasure, as well as being Hunted in return.

Want to have a whole scary organization that is the Institute after you? Without Player-Killing!? Inquire within!

A little bit more about Family. I'm looking for Gypsies. Lasombra, Ravnos, Any kind of vampires, changelings, wolves. So long as you have Gypsy in you. Don't have to be directly related at all. But directly related is also good. Niko is from Glasgow, Scotland. He has family in England and Ireland, a few distant relatives in Spain and Italy and America and all over the world. I'm thinking something like a traveling carnaval - Eshu types for instance. Elsewhere I had a thing called *Grim Carnaval*.

This is a PrP regarding the curse of the Grim over our familia. I think having Ravnos family or distant family would be rockin. Nikodin was originally created as a Ravnos elsewhere but now I play him as a human hunter, cuz why not! Family comes *before* the Institute, always. He protects his own, even the undead ones.

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Derrick - He is a Strange Machine, He is a Time Killer. He is Something I can Never Have; Without You, Everything Falls Apart.

Foster - It's one thing knowing they exist. Feeling it... fucks with your head.

Vervane - Friend.

Aiden - My Dealer.

Lihi - I wish I hadn't noticed. My... dealer.

Blackwell - Haven't seen him in a while. Maybe he forgot about me. Won't hold me breath.

Logan - Smile and Sunshine, a perfect disguise for a sociopath. Boss.

Deil - He hides well, whatever he hides; got a feral quality to him.

Vera - Reminds me who ah must hate more than anyone in the world.

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RP Hooks
The Institute - Streetwise 3+, and you may have heard of it. Streetwise 4, and you know they know. Streetwise 5, better fly. Blast from the past - we can talk about hooks/history if you want(ed) to have dealings with them.

Vampires - I love Rping the Kiss, and the Hunt. If you are looking for someone to feed on, attack, lure, use powers on - I'm your guy. I love danger; that's what the Institute is for. I hope you love it too in return!

Witch Hunters - Always down to form a little gang of our own, outside the Institute.

Old Friends - Military, Special Ops, Institute - some living, some dead, some captive, some brainwashed.

Danger Zone - Kidnapping, capture, torture, rescue, unexpected friendships, secrets, guilt, born-again humans.

Supernatural - Institute is researching you, may be in need.

Homophobic - want to make him uncomfortable? (Disclaimer: The player is opposite of homophobic in case anyone was confused; open and supportive of LGBT, the character has issues from his background).

Music - he plays the drums.

Family - We are Gypsies, strewn across Europe, most of us from Scotland, some Irish, some English.

Weed - Yes We Cannabis!

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1st Pic is accurate representation of Nikodin's hair/skin tone/body build.

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Roleplay Preferences
  • Detail, Prose, Quality. I like to See your character with all my senses. I prefer larger poses.
  • Action, intensity, drama. Not pushover or fake, but deep, moving story-lines with plots and arcs as grandiose as G.R.R. Martin.
  • Sadomasochistic players. You here to experience what you'd be like under stress? Pressure? Darkness? Me too.
  • Darkness. Dark characters, twisted plots, villains, agony, weaknesses, flaws, visible fragile sides, addictions. It really makes a character's soul sing.
  • Institute RP. Coercion, Blackmail, Force, subtle and ongoing hostage situations, NPC attachments, etc.
  • Love, Friendship, History. Those things are absolutely important. How can you have lows without the highs? They are what make us (in)human.
  • Storytellers, who take other people on a realistic journey. People who pose NPCs with a sense of gritty realism. Knowing that security is out there in clubs, knowing that some actions are just going to be pursued or punished by NPCs around you if you act naughty.
  • Flexible players - So you know those scenarios where a character fucks up and now you gotta maintain space or distance or whatever? Well, that's kinda a bummer for RP. So I like Flexible players who remember first and foremost that RP = Number One Fun, and that this is a game. And something that happened IC shouldn't hold us from having fun if we really enjoy each other (I think); therefore I dig when players work together on mending this issue in order to enjoy continuous and awesome RP!
  • Consensual Mindfucks - Weird one isn't it? I know WoD is a game of risk, but I will feel *so* much better if my character is tortured/beaten/mindfucked by someone I can consider a friend OOCly. I'm pretty easy going person, and I like to trust the person my character suffers under. I prefer this over the usual mindfuck; will not do 'evil' to another unless they give me A-OK. That's kinda why I made the Institute thing.


  • Slice of Life RP. Boring as Hell. I have slice of life in real life all the time. I don't mind doing it just for character development but I really don't get how RP satisfaction can be brought trying to live a normal albeit richer life in character than we have IRL. Niko does venture out to slice of life places, but only to build relationships. Slice of Life is fine in moderation in between moments of darkness (as a darkness alleviate or comic relief), but I am here for the World of Darkness after all.


  • Being taken out of RP - RP is my number one priority here; if you're looking to detain my character, just ask. Doing this forcibly is a sure ticket to be avoided. The reason I made the Institute is so everyone has fun at all times, so shit like this doesn't happen. You want to bait or instigate my character? I'll just remove myself from the scene rather than RP Niko into a predictable trap.
  • Phone RP - Just gonna.. gracefully bow out of that one.
  • OOC Discussions about Religions or Political views. My love of absolute freedom of thought and speech can hinder some.
  • Unrealistic 'kickass' RP, posing mediocre NPCs performing unrealistic actions just because you are Kewl.
  • Children - It is my opinion that children in WoD have one purpose - to Die. To generate Drama, and Loss. For any other reason, Children should have NO place on this game, as it is an adult only game. I abhor the desperate cuteness of a child brought into world of darkness, especially should this child NPC ever wield power, which is laughable. I am not into any sort of RP with children or a player who likes to RP with children, I am not here for cutsey time I wish-I-Had-children in WoD, I am here for the Darkness part. Please understand this is the reason why I will bow out and lose interest in any scene with a child present.
  • Here's how I think of it if you want to understand me and read on this rant: You log into your game, you're looking for some dark RP. You want to go down the rabbit hole. You've got a 'darkness boner' in your mind that's thinking about violence, and blood, the risk of losing someone you care about; A fight for your life, a fight to win for humanity; a Quest against darkness. You are clawing out of a grave to survive... And you see a PC. And you're intrigued. You wonder, could they jump into the rabbit hole with you? So you go to their wiki... you click it.... And POOF go your fantasies, because it's a 'cute' pic of a child somewhere in there. And it burns. And you want to scream, but you are too busy vomiting because your darkness boner turned to dust and ashes, and now that darkness is laughing at you, because Ha ha, here is something CUTE for ya! And so you cry, quietly, curled up in a corner of your mind, weeping because you really wanted to see a pair of big fangs, or a monster tearing someone else to pieces, or some other dark pic. Thus... the cute things you see, can scar your Darkness, forever!
  • This includes any OOC discussions about children. I just... don't care; don't want to know.
  • Religious People - Are a complete and total turnoff. I KNOW it's totally unfair, I know I'm an asshole because of this. But at least I'm an equal opportunity asshole. I can't stand *all* culty religions guys, not just Christianity! And by culty I mean, if you sit down on your knees at night to pray, or do some weird little ritual of time wasting for people you don't know, - you're fucking culty! Thing is, you just don't get how selfish you are for reals, because you do this stupid thing because you're just hoping that someone outside is gonna reward your dumbass behavior. It's... funny, and it's ridiculous. In a way, this makes you a whore... except whores are way more ethically sound since at least they know what they're getting! Besides, nothing wrong with whoring! PLZ don't bring your unrealistic views through RP to me, you're likely just gonna RP your characters anyway. I duno how you do it but where I come from, religion is a hella private thing, never easily talked about or discussed, it's a private matter that stays that way which is just FINE with me. Oh, people are also *real* about it, and life. It's only in spoiled ass wealthy neighborhoods do you have your retarded *x religion*tians, who run around trying to be unrealistically moronically gewd. Cuz most of the time? People suffer. Yah. Get a a taste of the real world. Ah in case you are wondering - I am a raging atheist who wishes Harry Potter was real. That's all. /endrant.

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Addiction: Oh It's Bad.
Old Flame: Derrick
Hunted: What's a vampire hunter if he is not hunted?
Tasty: Potent Blood Flaw
Dark Secret: It won't be a secret if I tell now will it?
Sensation Junkie Nothing makes you feel so alive as Danger.
Crack Driver: He drives like a lunatic. Feel the Road.
Height: 5'6. Ninja height. Don't say 'Petite' to him.
Weight: He'd be stocky if he ate more. But he doesn't. So he's not.
Orientation: Homophobic. (It's not gay if they're monsters...).
Relationship Status: Married to the Hunt.
Catchphrase: "Faggot."
Appearance: Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png

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Notable Stats
  • Crack Driver
  • Iron Will

Fuck it, you may as well know, all of Niko's flaws, all 13 points of them, just keep it OOC Masquarade, I have faith in you, reader.

  • Addiction
  • Dark Secret
  • Hunted
  • Old Flame
  • Potent Blood
  • Sensation Junkie

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NSFW tags for everything just in case.


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